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What my clients have to say. 

"Jennifer/Style Your Life was very responsive and thorough. She took the time to understand my preferences and needs. Based on that she had staged a bunch of items for me to try on and get was efficient and effective, but best of all I look fabulous in my new wardrobe additions! I highly recommend Jennifer!!!"
John K. 

"This educated and experienced professional gets the job done efficiently and, oh so pleasantly. Cost-effective and resourceful, don’t let the $100.00 an hour scare you.
Whether you’re a teen going back to school or me, a young 60 year-old who recently retired, Ms. Rosson nails your look. I considered an image consultant after finishing two career fields, military and law-enforcement, where I wore a uniform. I didn’t need to think about clothing and, so, never placed much time or energy into shopping. I watched TLC’s What Not to Wear and wished someone would submit me; I needed a transformation. Jennifer, by the way, worked with Stacy London and produces that caliber of client results.
Jennifer came to my home after I completed a couple of short questionnaires. We, literally, went through my closet; I quickly discarded the cast-offs. I felt better already!
Ms. Rosson maintains a contract with the Fashion Valley mall merchants who pay her fees for the first two hours of shopping. What a win-win-win set up! Between Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft (my go-to stores), we completed this evolution in two hours. I now own a dynamite fall wardrobe for an upcoming cruise of the Northeastern seaboard. However, all mix and match pieces and layers will serve me beautifully back here in San Diego.
I have good taste, but constructing a real wardrobe including accessories needs vision and effort. Let this fashion stylist get you on the right track. I wished I had done this sooner."


Thanks for shopping with me on Saturday.  That was a great experience!  I have never found so many cute pieces so quickly - even with a personal shopper at Nordstrom. . .  I appreciate your efficiency and expertise.  I felt like a VIP on a 5 star shopping trip. :)  I will definitely want to schedule some time with my daughter soon.  

Warm regards,

My husband and I hired Jennifer to help us update our wardrobes after a change in jobs.  She has an AMAZING eye for style and fit and made the process fun and comfortable!  She found things that were fresh and modern but still very consistent with our personalities, age and lifestyle.  We saved money by purchasing pieces (many of which were on sale!) that can be mixed and matched and by avoiding the “misfires” we’ve experienced in the past.  We are wearing everything and looking and feeling great!  Thank you Jennifer!!!
Carey F.


We want to thank you for the partnership over the past year.  You have helped us provide a full circle experience for our customers through the in store events and weekly virtual looks on our facebook page.

Your Spring Style Event that was hosted in our store was a huge success.  As a business, we saw a return on investment with the event, making almost 20% of our daily sales.  We loved the opportunity to give your clients an intimate shopping experience and exclusive savings in the hopes that we have gained some new loyal customers. 

We welcome you in to our store any time and are excited to see what the future holds for Style Your Life. 

Thank you,

Kendell Manion

Assistant Customer Experience Manager
Gap Fashion Valley

I just wanted to say thank you for hosting the tween classes

I hope you realize what a huge impact you are having on these girls during such a formative time. 
I am grateful that Maddy attends the classes and hears from reliable experts some tools in fashion health and otherwise. 
Thank you for all the effort you put towards this-you are really helping to shape lives.

Thank you so much! I LOVE what you have come up with. I'm excited to start shopping. You did a great job nailing it.

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a free session at the Santa Anita Westfield Style Lounge with stylist Jennifer Rosson. It was an eye-opening, informative experience. I have never had a lot of fashion know-how, and didn't know the first thing about how to put an outfit together. Shopping for clothes was always a chore; and I spent much time wandering aimlessly from store to store, unsure about what styles would look good on me. More often than not, I would leave empty-handed.
Meeting with Jennifer changed all of that. After talking with me about my likes (jeans!) and casual lifestyle,  she jumped right in with tons of great suggestions for outfits that would work for me. She pulled together articles of clothing from several participating stores to create looks that I definitely could see myself wearing. Jennifer talked about my body type, and what to look for when shopping for clothes. She also did the same with regards to shoes and accessories. She wasn't trying to sell me on one particular store;  she was just trying to provide me with some tools to help me with my future, more stylish self. I've been going to the mall at Westfield Santa Anita for over ten years, and this, hands done, was the best experience I've ever had there.
Jennifer emailed me photos of the items we had discussed, and for the first time ever, I was eager to return to Westfield to shop. Since my meeting with Jennifer less than a week ago, I have returned to Santa Anita three times, and bought several of the things Jennifer suggested. I will return soon, because, thanks to Jennifer, I am much more confident in my shopping abilities.
I understand that the Style Lounge will only be at Santa Anita until November. I feel fortunate that I was able to spend some time with a top stylist, and would love it if the Lounge was a permanent fixture. It truly is an invaluable service.



Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your help in the style lounge last weekend. 
I have been making some profound changes in my life the past few years and it was really nice to just stop and treat myself to an afternoon in the style lounge. 

Since I was a young girl I have enjoyed taking time to express myself creatively through my style.  
In order to tune out the fighting and disfunction in my childhood home, I used to watch runway highlights on E and clip pictures from fashion magazines and make collages. 
So in some sense style really has always helped me cope with challenges. 
While, my lifestyle growing up wasn't very conducive to pursing my own sense of style, now I have time and space to explore how I want to look and how to help the real me shine through.  And it sure is nice to have some friendly guidance in this area. In fact I might come again this weekend if I have time.

Thanks so much for your time and effort and advice!


I thoroughly enjoyed Jen's Closet Class. I got a tremendous amount out of it!

 I had no idea how much I would actually get out of it when I signed up for it! 

I can't believe how much I accomplished in 3 weeks. 

I thought I had "cleaned out my closet" already, but with Jen's coaching and guidelines I saw how much more I needed to purge! Over 10 bags full!

Jen provides so much input that you are left feeling very confident with what you need for your wardrobe foundation, and how to add to it! 

It was great to get to share with other women committed to the same thing. 
The Facebook group was a wonderful medium to share ideas, outfit ideas, questions etc. 

And Jen answers ALL your questions :)

I feel like a renewed person in may ways, and my husband has really noticed the difference! With Jen's encouragement I got rid of all my frumpy mom/lounge clothes and have the inspiration and motivation to put in more effort to look great everyday!

I highly recommend the class to everyone!

Thank you Jen!

 The Closet Class has been amazingly helpful to me. 

Jennifer's conference calls are FILLED with information and tips, as is the homework.

This class really helped me edit what I have, and actually change my view, want to dress up more, and in turn, I have more confidence on a daily basis. 

Now, I'd say more confidence is a fantastic outcome from a class.

I am an avid reader of Jennifer's blog and have learned a lot of great style tips and tricks from her.  This class was a great opportunity to ask her specific questions about my wardrobe and learn even more tips from her!  
She kept us motivated with weekly assignments and we had a great group of women to bounce ideas off of as well.  

I would recommend this class to anyone that is looking for motivation to organize their closets as well as figuring out what staples items they need to add to their wardrobe.