Want your closet in the palm of your hand?

This app has me VERY excited I must say!!! 

It is called Stylebook and it is available in the app store for free!

Basically it allows you to have your entire wardrobe in the palm of your hand. Why would you want that?
*You can access it while shopping so you know exactly what you already own.
*You can create outfits
*You can plan for events
*You can pack for trips
*You can create a shopping/wish list of items you need.

How does Stylebook  work?
You take photos of all the items in your closet.
You organzine these photos by category (pants, jacket, necklace, etc).
You can create outfits.
You can plan your calendar in advance to reduce the daily, or event stress.

So all this being said if you don't have the three free hours to photograph your closet, edit out backgrounds, and organzine the pieces. Do I have a great resource for you!!!

My very lovely assistant, Callie, will come to your home, install the app, photograph your closet, organize the items in the app. Then voila you have your closet in the palm of you hand!! And all you have to do is open the door and show Callie to your closet!!

And it gets better.....

Now that you have your closet in the palm of your hand you can share it with me!!! I can help you plan daily or special event outfits, shop for you, and pack you for trips all virtually!!

Crazy huh??

I truly believe this app will change the way you shop and it will save you time and money.

 To book Callie just email me jennifer@styleyourlifeblog.com
The fee for the up to *three hour appointment with all work done for you is only $75. Trust me its going to be sooooo worth it!

*If you need more then 3 hours that can be discussed at your appointment

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