SYL Official Capsule Wardrobe Recap!

Whether you have or haven't been following along with the official Style Your Life capsule wardrobe this is a recap... We started in February and each month I have added pieces to keep your wardrobe fresh and fun and continue to grow so you have endless options of fabulous outfits! 

Remember to keep the pieces in the colors that flatter you and order different silhouettes of the items if you feel there is a more flattering cut for your body type! 

I will be adding a new Shopping Guide for August tomorrow! So check back okay? 
Most of the items from the earlier months will be sold out so if you are just joining us you can either substitute items OR just start with the current month. 

Don't forget to follow the Pinterest board to see ALL The MANY MANY outfits I have created from these pieces!! You can also start your own Pinterest board to keep track. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or comments! 


Denim Jacket- This is a great summer weight soft denim jacket. It is a trendy wash so it'll only be "in" for a few years. But it is a great piece for the price! It looks much higher end than it is ;) 

LBD- Soooo comfy a great travel piece and you can totally dress this baby up or down. 

Your Spring/Summer Handbag- I love a straw bag in the summer. You can get them everywhere from Target to Neiman Marcus.It really depends on your taste, budget and lifestyle. 
I love buying my handbags from The Real Real, they are like new but you get them for MUCH less than brand new bags! And it is something you carry every single day so it should be the most expensive item of clothing you own. 

Mixed Metal Fringe Necklace- I am a huge fan of necklaces you can wear in multiple ways. Love the mixed metals and lightweight feel of this Stella and Dot piece. 

Tassel Earrings- Really Really Really Fabulous. Thank you soo much J.Crew for making a more affordable version of these!! 

Lace-up Ballet Flats- I warned you these were going to be in the capsule wardrobe. 
Love the chic look of these feminine flats. 

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