Secrets of a Stylist: Short Shopping Guide

Some of you love them, some of you refuse to wear them. I personally see shorts as a wardrobe staple. My legs like to breathe and to feel the sun on them! 
I think everyone can wear shorts... it is about finding the proper length, fit and cost.  
Over the years and years of dressing women of all sizes, personalities, and budgets I have found some tried and true short styles that are my go-tos! 

First let's talk about shorts length/inseams, Shorts come in everything from no inseam (you have probably seen these bikini cut shorts- yuck! ) to 9' and 11" inseams. 

Your proper inseam depends on a variety of factors...
1. Your height and the length of your legs
2. The tone and shape of your legs
3. Where you are wearing your shorts
If you are small, petite and have nice legs, go for the 3", 4" or 5" inseams. Longer inseams will make your legs appear shorter. 
If you are tall and have nice legs you can wear short or long shorts. But 5" and longer tends to be more ladylike and flattering. 
If you don't like your legs, it really depends on your "trouble spot." Try on different lengths, styles, color and shapes. Use my shopping guide below and you just might find your perfect pair!

Now lets talk about brands of shorts

Vince- is premium they are $195 and have a longer inseam. They are more modest, and flattering on those people that don't like their thighs. 

Old Navy- They are very affordable and come in a variety of inseams. I personally shop their novelty print shorts for myself and for clients. They fit a variety of body types and are great for people on a budget. 

J.Crew Chino- My personal favorite shorts without a doubt. They come in a variety of inseams, and colors and are available online all year round. They last for years and fit most body types. I have had some of my J.Crew shorts for over 10 years. Talk about good cost per wear

Loft- They do a great job with novelty prints and dressier shorts. Loft is great for pear body types and women with fuller figures.

H&M- This is a great resource for trendy shorts, the shorts you'll wear for a season or two. Styles and cuts are all over the board so I can't recommend these for a particular body type. If you have great legs, go for it!!

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