Let me Help you Build the Perfect Custom Capsule Wardrobe!!

Most people shop without a list, without a wardrobe growing strategy,
and without knowledge of what works best for their body. 
Let me teach you how to shop smarter and much more efficiently!
By purchasing items that can be mixed and matched you will expand and wear your entire wardrobe. Most importantlythey will be items that flatter you. One of the new wardrobe trends is a "Capsule Wardrobe". These smaller, versatile wardrobes are great for anyone who believes less is more and wants to transform their overwhelming or uninspiring closet!

Most people have trouble creating a capsule wardrobe on their own because:
-they don't know how to pick the best clothes for their lifestyle & body type
-they have a hard time selecting versatile items which can be 
mixed and matched WITHOUT being boring.
-they don't know where to start!

Ta da!!!! Here is where I come in to rescue you!!!  Super Stylist on the scene.
This is a virtual service. No matter where you are located I can assist you in finding your very perfect, custom built by a professional wardrobe stylist "Capsule Wardrobe"!!! 

 I will be offering services for two Capsule Wardrobes per month, first come first served.
Your custom-created wardrobe will be delivered to you electronically.  It is a perfect way to get an affordable, fashionable fresh start while simplifying your life . 

Marvelous Mini 

With this virtual service you will receive:

  • A detailed questionnaire to help me get to know you!
  • A 15 minute FaceTime Appointment
  • A mini wardrobe-up to 3 new tops, 3 new bottoms, a jacket, a pair of shoes, a few key accessories. Get the picture?
  • Photo collages of your wardrobe and up to 2 ways to wear each piece will be shared with you on a private link.

Start your very own CUSTOM capsule wardrobe with the Marvelous Mini! 
The wardrobe I select for you will be 100% based on your budget, your lifestyle and your body type. 

 The initial investment for my services is $150 

Monthly Infusions 

With this virtual service you will receive: 
  • An infusion, monthly update or add-ons of up to 6 new pieces to coordinate with your original wardrobe
  • Photo collages of your infusions mixed and matched with the original pieces and each other.

Each additional *monthly, update, add on, or "infusion" is $75 for my service.

*I recommend an update every 4, 6, or 8 weeks so your wardrobe stays seasonally appropriate, fresh and modern and so you don't get bored. We can discuss this together to figure out a plan that works for you! 

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