Stylist Guide to Stripes

One of the questions I hear the most is about stripes...
So today I'll teach you a few basic guidelines for wearing stripes. 

1. Bold Wide Stripes- Yep these are the ones your momma told you about. These will widen you. 
If you're a pear with a little bust and small upper body they could possibly work for you helping you balance your figure. 

2. Wide Stripes at Bust- This pink stripe is going to hit at your bust ( if you're wear a great bra that it is ;). So if you'd like to look a little larger in that area this may be a good stripe for you. 
If you don't need or want any help in the bust, avoid this chest stripe! 

3. Stripes Across the Bum- If this were a slimmer stripe, like #4. I'd say go for it.
Unfortunately this dress is going to broaden your back side...

4. Head to Knee Slim Stripes- This dress has several things going for it...
* The stripes are slim so they aren't widening. 
* It is the same pattern head to knee. So the eye isn't focusing on one particular area. 
* It is a Sheath dress, which is a very flattering silhouette on almost everyone. 

5. Striped Cardigan- Again, with narrow stripes it isn't going to make you look broader. 
It also has some vertical lines in the front. so it may actually make you look longer!

6. Striped Tee- This striped tee is pretty safe for everyone ( the neckline not so much, but that's another post!)  The stripe is so thin that from a distance this tee appears to be a solid color.

Hope that little "Stylist Guide to Stripes" helps you on your next shopping adventure! 

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