Reader Questions: Capsule Wardrobe

Hi Jennifer,

I am a very longtime reader and have purchased some of your online services in the past.  I've also purchased items based on your excellent recommendations - I'm currently wearing a pair of "magic pants" from that post in October. 

I'm writing to let you know I absolutely LOVE this Feb. wardrobe capsule feature you just started.  It's SO fantastic!  I watched the video where you explained the plan going forward and I couldn't be more excited!  Since I live in the Midwest and can't meet with you personally (sad!) this seems like a terrific option to help me build a better wardrobe.

I have what may be a silly question though - I have strawberry blond hair and fair skin with pink undertones. I tend to avoid wearing hot pink or coral on top.  For the Tippi sweater and Gap hoodie, should I just order a different bright color that I love?  I was thinking greens or blues. 

Finally, I'm a 43-year old mom with more of a pear shape and I'm short (5'3"). I definitely carry 'extra baggage' around my tummy, hips, thighs and booty.  I'm not sure about that pencil skirt pattern and length.  I have a solid black pencil skirt but it's more of a structured fabric.  I'd appreciate your thoughts on this as well.  Of course, feel free to use my questions on your blog!   

Thanks again for being so fabulous!

Dear S.S.

First, THANK YOU for your sweet email and kind words!!!!
I am very glad you're enjoying this Capsule Wardrobe feature. If you have questions like this I am sure others do as well so thanks for asking. 

To answer both of your questions... YES!!! You need to make this wardrobe flattering and fit your body, lifestyle and budget.  Whether it is a different color, a more structured fabric or even a different price point. This capsule wardrobe is a guide to help you and others build a great that is versatile, flattering, modern and that stays fresh with monthly infusions!! 

Thanks again for your email and good luck! 


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