Secrets of a Stylist: Magic Pants

Paige Edgemont- Zipper placement actually visually thins your thighs!!
Minnie- Perfect for Straight and Apple body types but work on some Pears and Hourglasses too.
also available in Tall and Petite
Pixie- Great for someone with a little extra in the tummy and hourglass body types. They are slightly higher-waisted. Made from a Ponte Knit (so they are like a very thick legging). 
also available in Tall and Maternity 
Sloane 5 Pocket- Perfect for all Pears , Pears typically look better with patch pockets on the tush ( which actually makes your tush appear smaller). These pants are also amazing on: Apples, Straight, and Hourglass body types.  
also available in petite

If I do say so myself, this post has some really great advice.. .
You need to pin this baby for safe keeping, trust me!
You've all seen or heard of "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," correct?
If not, the premise is: Four best friends with completely different bodies all fit into one magic pair of jeans... and they happen to bring the wearer good luck.
 I can't promise any of the pants above will bring you good luck.  I can tell you they are "magic" 
They not only fit most of my clients well, they happen to flatter them too! 
Pretty crazy, and worth a try! These four pairs are my stand by, tried and true "Magic Pants."

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