How and Why to Shop Consignment

I always say: Buy the very best quality you can afford. This is especially true for wardrobe staples!  It is always better to shop sale at your favorite high-end stores than regular price at discount stores. That being said, a few discount pieces are always fun, disposable additions to your wardrobe.
I am not on a "designer" budget, but I covet designer duds! 
The way designer apparel fits, feels, and how well it wears season after season makes it something I desperately want to own. As I grow wiser,   I'd rather have a closet of amazing pieces that last and last (as opposed to a closet of inexpensive, disposable items.) Another benefit of purchasing designer and current clothing items? You can consign them yourself when you tire of them!

So one of my"secret" sources for designer and contemporary brands is consignment shops. 
My favorite online consignment shop is TheRealReal
You can find everything from Kate Spade to Chanel for hundreds less! 
When shopping The Real Real, you'll find that all their items are thoroughly screened for flaws and they are all authentic. It is fairly easy to find pieces you'll love through their site.
 They also have crazy-good sales too, however, those items are usually final sale so you'll need to know your sizes and whether a silhouette will be flattering before purchasing.

If you are shopping your local consignment stores, sales are generally final. Be sure to check closely to make sure your "deal" is really a deal! 
Check for:
1. Missing sequins, beads, buttons, etc
2. Odd odors
3. Pilling
4. Discoloration
5. Holes from moths or just split seams
5. Try everything on and look very closely at the fit of the garment  it should still be flattering!! Do NOT buy something just because of the price!
6. Scratches and scuffs on leather (shoes or bags) 
7. Ask if the store guarantees that a brand is authentic

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