Throwback Thursday: Packing for a Beach Vacation

This is my last year's packing list for my beach getaway. 

Chair, HatSunniesSunscreen,
Gigi Sandals (one of the best sandals for the price!) , JA Clutch 

Summer time really should be all about adventures and celebrating life.
 Whether local or thousands of miles away, one of my favorite places to go on any vacation is the beach!
I love the sunshine, the smells, the opportunity to play or relax. It is really the best of both worlds.  
One of my family's other summer getaways is a Del Mar stay-cation over the Fourth of July weekend. 
We will be staying at a little beachfront hotel and spending the days boogie boarding, reading, sunbathing and socializing with our stay-cation partners in crime.  
Our evenings will be spent in downtown Del Mar or in one of Del Mar's chic beach-front restaurants. The great thing about Southern California beaches is the ultra casual vibe day or night. Packing is easy-peasy casual knit dresses for night and nothing more than a couple of swimsuits for day. 
The packing guide above will have you ready for any So Cal beach getaway! 

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