Comfort and Style Casual Shorts Outfit

When helping clients with their wardrobes I usually hear "I want to be comfortable."
Trust me. I get it, who wants to be uncomfortable??
I mean if you're going to a red carpet or special occasion a little bit of discomfort is okay... 
But day in and day out we all want comfort right?! 
The problem with this is frequently people think baggy, ill fitting, and stretchy is the only way to be comfy! 

Sooooo not true! Clothing that fits you well, has some give, and looks amazing on you will also make you comfortable. No one expects you to run around in a dress and heels everyday.  There are many, many options and ways to look amazing and casual while being comfy. Make sure your clothing fits properly & flatters your body. Add a few accessories and you have created a fun, stylish and comfortable outfit! 


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