Three Little Weapons to Extend the Life of Your Clothing

Baby Powder/ Silk Blouse 
Windex/ Patent Pumps

1. A steamer is much easier on fabrics and fibers than an iron. It is easy to use and lightweight too! I own the one above and it works with everything from tee shirts to silk and fur! 
I travel with mine. It is so easy to use, my kids even use it! 
I highly recommend a little handheld steamer.  Not only is it easier to use, but it's much better for fabric.

2. Baby Powder is super! It is useful for sopping up any accidental oil ( food grease, salad dressing) that might make its way on your your silk blouse! It will absorb the oil and, hopefully, save the silk! 

3. Windex works wonders on polishing your patent bags and shoes. It helps keep them nice and shiny and it removes little scuff marks. 

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