The Art Of Lounging

Gold Slippers, Pure Body Pants (crazy-soft, I love Gap's modal pieces!!) 

You know that ahhh moment when you slip into something so incredibly comfy?
It is truly the best!
Last week I came home from work and threw on my PJs at 3:30!! My family was shocked, it was one of those rare nights I didn't have a work function and I didn't have to take my kiddos to any activities and I was blissfully giddy in my pjs.
I wanted to share with you all my recipe for the best lounging.

1. Layers- as you get hot or cold these are necessary it is all about ultimate comfort after all!
2. Softness- duh the point of lounging is comfort and relaxing so you need to surround your body in the softest fibers you can get your hands on, no?
3. Warm Feet- If your feet aren't warm you will not be warm. Don't neglect your precious feet. 
4. Look Good-  What if someone comes to the door to deliver your bon bons? You still need to look fabulous. So make sure your lounging attire is attractive! 
4. Happiness- Lounging is supposed to be blissful, so pick your poison: reality TV, a glass of wine, or read your favorite book. Do something just for yourself. 

Gals, you can Pinterest this package to your holiday wish list or just get it yourself. Be ready the next time you have time to celebrate a rare opportunity to indulge in YOU.

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