Style Your Life Loves Schoola

  The lovely people at Schoola recently emailed me to educate me about their website,
 and I instantly loved it.  It is a fabulous business model where you can purchase like-new children's clothing and they'll donate $2 of every $5 you spend to schools. 
I love any business that gives to kids or pets (my two favorite causes!)  Not only can you shop on Schoola's website and purchase like-new children's clothing for a fraction of retail (another of my favorite things!!)
You can also donate your kiddos like-new clothing to Schoola. There are multiple ways to giveback! 
If you have kids you must check them out. I am certain you'll find some must-have treasures. 
They also collaborate with Handmade Charlotte which offers the most precious clothing, seriously to die for, you'll love it! 


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