Style for the Guys: Accessorize with Socks


When it comes to fashion men and boys really don't have all the options we lucky ladies have... 
Their clothing isn't as adventurous and they don't have nearly as many stores/designers to choose from.
One of the things I encourage all my gentleman clients to try is patterned socks. Socks are a subtle way to add a some pizazz to staples like khakis and polos. Guys, I PROMISE, they are addictive! 
You will get so many compliments you will wonder why it took you so long to try them.

Today I bring you a fabulous company called "Nice Laundry" it is the perfect place to start.  

  •  They recycle your old socks and provide you with brand new ones (each package comes with a prepaid shipping label)
  •  They provide you with stylish socks that normally cost $14/pair for just $6/pair
  • They give you 15-20% discounts on future pairs of socks for recycling your old socks
  • You'll find designs for you...inspired colors, patterns and scenes.  They don't sell individual pairs of socks – they sell socks in packs of 6 pairs to completely refresh your sock drawer.

What are you waiting for? Go order your new socks!

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