Why you should hire a Stylist.

I do realize having a stylist is a bit of a luxury and it isn't something everyone can afford.
BUT I think you'd be be surprised about the  #1 reason that styling services are something you could (and you should) work into your annual budget....

I save you money

 I know this probably sounds crazy, right ?? I promise you it is the truth.

1. I save you time and time is money.
I know where to find clothing and accessories which will work for you. I understand fit and fabrics and I spend soooo much time shopping, I already know store inventories. I am very efficient with your time.  I once had a client who shopped alone for five hours looking for a dress she could wear to multiple events. She left the mall with nothing.... She called me and we found her entire outfit-dress, shoes, handbag and accessories in an hour and a half!

2. You will only buy what looks amazing on you and what you NEED.
 I will tell you if the clothing works for you and if it doesn't. So, no more buying clothes you will never wear. I will also teach you what to look for and what to avoid to help you from making style mistakes in the future!

3. You will wear your clothing more! 
I will teach you MULTIPLE ways to wear what you have. You'll actually wear the clothes in your closet and you'll know how to mix and match to make many outfits you will feel great in.

4. Dressing well can get you the job you want, or a promotion at work.
People are judged by their appearance. Whether you like it or not, it is just the way it is. If you look more professional, modern, and stylish people will not only trust you, they will look up to you. As the saying goes "Dress for the job you want, not the one you have." It is true, being well-dressed AND well-groomed can help you professionally.

   We can't all be experts in everything. You don't cut your own hair, do your own taxes, or dry clean your own clothing, for instance. We trust people who are experts in their respective fields and, therefore, can do things more efficiently because of their experience and expertise. I have been in the fashion industry for 20+ years. I understand fabrics & how stores operate. I will tell you if something needs tailoring as well as which clothing fits your lifestyle and your body type. I will advise regarding what you should nix in your closet and what items you might want to hold on to. How would you do all of that? Unless you were possibly so interested in such topics that you schooled yourself?!
Something to think about...


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