A Proper Jewelry Wardrobe

Most of my clients are really lacking in their jewelry wardrobe... 
Your jewelry is the swirl on the plate in a fancy restaurant, it is the cherry on the sundae. It is the umbrella in the fancy drink. Jewelry can take an outfit from nice to fabulous! 
You need to wear accessories ladies. And not your diamond studs everyday... snooze. 
Costume jewelry is fun and modern.  Please accessorize!! 
One more thing, if you always wear silver, try some gold and vice versa. 
The list above represents the minimum you should have (quite honestly you can't have too much.)

Having said my peace on jewelry...
You'll also need to store and display your accessories it so you have easy access, or you will not wear your things.
Check back next week for a post on jewelry organization and storage! 

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