What is in my Cart?: Old Navy

If you remember this post, "You get What you pay for..." you know there are great treasures to be found at the discount stores! Lucky for you, I have already discovered the must have treasures at Old Navy. 
These are my favorite items that are sure to add some pizzaz to your summer wardrobe all for a price that will make you smile. 

 3/4 Sleeve back zip tee (very Modern Audrey!), 
Drop Waist Knit Dress (Modern Day Flapper!), 
Black Maxi Dress  (a chic, fabulous, and comfy summer piece you will wear over and over!), 
Striped Tote (perfect for the beach or the pool!),
Patterned Shorts ( I have these from past years and they are wonderful!) 
Tassel scarf, ( use as a scarf or a wrap I am a sucker for the tassels!) 

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