Travel: What to Wear at "The Lake"

 I will fully admit that I am a girly-girl. I love lots of color, lots of sequins and all things that shimmer and shine.
I prefer a skirt or a dress to pants. I almost never wear sneaks (unless I am working out -which I don't do often enough!)
We all have our comfort zone and mine just happens to be a little on the fancier side.
I didn't realize I was odd until my husband was showing a friend photos of us in the jungle of Rotan, Honduras. In these photos I am holding a monkey in a dress. Wait, to clarify, I am wearing the dress not the monkey. 
Doesn't every gal wear dresses on wild animal park adventures in the jungle?? 
In my defense, it was a maxi dress. A maxi dress is probably the most comfy thing ever, don't you agree?
So now as I prepare for my summer vacation adventures, I am thinking about what to pack for my next weekend away and the lake. Ladies, there will not be a dress in my suitcase! I am going to wear real "lake clothes" and embrace my inner tomboy ( I have to find him first.)
The fabulous packing list above should get most of you through a weekend at the lake, whether your "lake" is Lake Michigan, Lake Tahoe or a fancy pond. I think you will be the best dressed, yet appropriately dressed.  AND if you want to sneak in some bling or a cocktail dress...go for it. I certainly will not be judging you ;) 


Where are you off to this summer? 

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