Secrets of a Stylist: You get what you pay for...

We all know this saying: You get what you pay for. When it comes to clothing and accessories, this proves true most of the time! 80% of the time, if you pay more you are getting a better fit, better quality fabric, better workmanship, and better customer service!! I truly believe you should ALWAYS buy the very best quality you can afford. The other benefit to buying the best quality clothing you can afford is that it will retain it's value longer. If you tire of it or decide it isn't right for you, you can consign it yourself and get some of your money back!

  So what are the exceptions to this rule?

1. Shopping off price stores and flash sales
Some examples include: Rue La La, Hautelook, Gilt, Ideeli, T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, Marshalls, and of course, outlet stores.
I must warn you that the deals may not always be as good as they "seam" at these stores.
Please check back tomorrow for a more in-depth piece on HOW to shop off- price. I will cover what to be aware of when shopping these stores and websites.

2. Shopping consignment
A few options I love:
My Sisters Closet (final sale) and The Real Real (they usually take returns) & Ebay.
Otherwise know as second-hand stores, These are GREAT for buying labels that are otherwise out of your reach. Sometimes, these stores sell items that are new with tags attached! Most consignment stores only take like-new items, which are a few seasons old or newer. Be aware and look for the following things when shopping resale:  Pilling, odors, fading, missing embellishments or threads. You should also examine the seams very well. Most stores of this type are final sale only, AS A RULE. Be sure you LOVE the garment. As in, Squeeeee!

3. Shopping sales
I have discussed this one before....If you don't need it and if you will not wear it often, it IS NOT a great deal!
Make sure that when you are shopping sales you truly want/need the garment and that you'll wear it often. People frequently buy items just because they are on sale.

4. Discount Stores
There are discount store treasures you can find here and there.
I don't know about you, but I can't resist the allure of Forever 21, Old Navy, Target and H&M. The secret at these stores is to shop frequently and to summon your patience.  I have found some of my favorite treasures at these stores. I just love getting compliments on my discount finds & seeing the reaction after I relate the deal I got!  These stores are where I purchase most of my trendier items. Just like shopping consignment, be careful of missing buttons, loose threads, fabric (is it itchy?, does it feel cheap?.) Make sure you are happy with the FIT of the garment. Realize it will not last forever and launder it with TLC.

Hope these tips help you shop smarter, not harder. 

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