Their Style: Samantha Kennedy

Tell us about your business.
Shield & Honor was born out of remembrance of my late grandfather, but on a larger scale, out of remembrance of those legacies that touch all of our lives. Whether these necklaces are personalized or simply worn for the sake of fashion, they have become a symbol of life, of honor, and that no legacy, no matter how small, should go left untold.

How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style trendy and a bit on the daring side. I love making a statement with my style and wearing pieces that people notice and comment on.

A Shield & Honor Bullet Necklace! For obvious reasons I wear one everyday, but all of my friends and family wear theirs with every different outfit. I’ve seen them worn on women from 13 all the way up to my grandmother at 89 years old. They add some bling to a casual everyday outfit, they’re simple enough to compliment anyone’s work wardrobe and they are the perfect statement piece for a gorgeous dress on a night out!

Hey ladies, I just met this darling young lady, Samantha, at a local Chic CEO event here in San Diego.
My eyes instantly went to her sparkling chic necklace so I had to ask her about it.
When she told me she designed and creates these necklaces I wanted to share them with you all, of course!  I love the her story and her necklaces.
Go check out her site, I am quite sure you will love her creations as well!

 You can follow Shield & Honor on Facebook!

Virtual Looks Supersized: New Orleans!

The sweet reader/client Ms. R, is headed to Mardi Gras!
She even gets to go on a private yet! Oh My!
A little about Ms. R, she is a pear... and she dresses pretty casually for her daily life.
However most of the events she is participating in while at MG are a little dressier then she is used to!
So only one pair of jeans for this trip, and on special request by Ms. R,
a pair of hunters for visiting a farm.
 I supposed if you are going to do rain boots, why not Hunters?!

Just a warning on the rain boots, ladies....
You may not suspect this but they may attract unwanted advances!?
I was wearing my own bright green rain boots at my local grocery this weekend and got hit on! ;)
They really should put a warning label on these things!

Please be sure and scroll down for all Ms. R's looks!! 

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February Birthday Girls!

 If you entered my Birthday Outfit Giveaway it is your month!! 

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If you commented and I missed you let me know! 
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February 1- Faith
February 2 LC
February 8- Lynn T
February 13 - Kimberly J
February 14- Reagan Elizabeth
February 17- Katie Coleman
February 18- Caroline M
February 26- Nicole D
February 26- Julie G
February 26- Nicole D

2012 in review

I don't know about you, but every year in January 
I think about what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. 
In doing this I frequently become overwhelmed...
This year I am trying to focus on growing my business both online and here in San Diego.
At times I freak myself out by all that I have to do and paralyze myself and don't know where to start!
This morning when I sat down to write a post I had no real plans for what I was going to write.
 I started looking through all the photos I took in 2012 and realized how much I had accomplished!
 I mean,not to brag but my year was pretty awesome ;).
So I put together this year in review... I have decided going forward, I need to do this when I feel overwhelmed by the challenges I have in store.
Maybe look back at all you have accomplished,
what you have ahead may seem less overwhelming.
 Now I am ready to take on the 2013 goals... I think!

Daily Deal : DVF

Need a little wrap dress in your life? The correct answer is yes !
Why not buy it from the designer that created it, and does it best.
Oh and did I mention you'll save 50% on Rue La La ??
Now get on over there and shop already! 

Happy Birthday Allison C


What to wear to the gym: Hamptons Style

The Hampton's Gal hangs out at the Country Club. Her workout is as much about socializing as working out. She can be found day drinking with her BFFs after her daily match. 
Tennis whites are a very necessary part of her wardrobe, and with her killer legs who can blame her for wanting to flaunt them?

What to wear to the gym: So Cal Style

The SoCal gal, hits the water for her workouts. 
Paddle boarding is an amazing way to work out that core with a dreamy view. 
Don't stress, it is all good, but be sure to wear sunscreen, cause there is nothing cool about sunspots. 
If you'd like to rent/lesson this is my favorite place, OEX!

What to wear to the Gym: Palm Beach Style

The Palm Beach gal is the lover of bold color and sassamafras accessories! 
She runs (on the beach of course). 
She realizes the importance of looking amazing while she does it! 
She prefers to be one of a kind and doesn't want to blend in all the others and their black attire. 
Being that she is head to toe bright this look also works for any body type as there is not a particular focal point!

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What to wear to the Gym: Audrey Style

A modern day Audrey would definitely don this attire to head to the gym.
Although Lululemon is a little pricey, she is all about classics and this gorgeous set will truly withstand 
fashion trends and lots of workouts. 
She'd probably be headed to her local Barre studio to maintain that very lean figure of hers!
Now this stripe can be worn by anyone, the stripes are so thin they aren't going to create that widening effect

Daily Deal

Ladies these Gap tees are devine, super soft and wonderful colors! 
A long sleeve tee is a absolute wardrobe basic. 
Today they are on sale at the Gap with an extra 30% off! 
They are called Bowery supersoft
Stock up!! 

Cocktail Hour at The Breakers

For tonight's cocktail hour we are headed to "The Breakers" Palm Beach!
Don't let the cold winter get you down... let's all escape together to The Beach Club. 
 Of course we have to dress Palm Beach Chic with lots of color and bold accessories. 



Electric Lemonade:

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 1 large sprig mint , finely chopped, plus sprigs for garnish
  • 8 ounces lemon-flavored vodka
  • Splash of sparkling water
  • 1 Tbsp. freshly grated lemon zest for garnish
Mix the sugar and water in a small pot and boil for 3 minutes to make a simple syrup. Let cool.

In medium bowl, stir together 1 cup syrup (leftover syrup can be refrigerated indefinitely), the lemon juice and the chopped mint. Pour mixture into ice-cube tray and freeze for one hour.

In a blender, blend together frozen cubes, sparkling water, chopped mint and vodka.

Pour into chilled glasses. Garnish with mint sprigs and lemon zest.

Serves Eight


How to: Wear Stripes?

 As a wardrobe stylist I frequently am asked "can I wear stripes?".
My answer is absolutely! 
The thin thin stripes can be worn by anyone anywhere.  As from a distance they read as a solid. 
The thicker bolder stripes do widen you without a doubt. 
So be sure and wear them in an area that needs widening... 

So if you are:
a pear you wear the stripes on top
 an apple you wear the stripes on bottom
straight figures you can wear them head to toe I love this dress as it gives the illusion of a waist .
Hourglass you can also wear them head to toe.. just be sure and show off that tiny waist by belting them! 

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Virtual Wardrobe: Classic with a Twist of Comfort

 ASOS Handbag 
Black Boots
Brown Boots 

I actually did this Virtual  Wardrobe this Fall.... 
But for some reason I never got around to sharing it! 
So unfortunately most of the links will be expired, and the clothing sold out,
but I thought it might be nice for some inspiration at least!! 
This client is very traditional, 
but needed a fabrics that were machine washable and that moved with her! 
I think her budget was around $800? 

So I present to you Classic with a Twist....

Interested in a Virtual Wardrobe for yourself click here for details!