Virtual Looks Supersized: New Orleans!

The sweet reader/client Ms. R, is headed to Mardi Gras!
She even gets to go on a private yet! Oh My!
A little about Ms. R, she is a pear... and she dresses pretty casually for her daily life.
However most of the events she is participating in while at MG are a little dressier then she is used to!
So only one pair of jeans for this trip, and on special request by Ms. R,
a pair of hunters for visiting a farm.
 I supposed if you are going to do rain boots, why not Hunters?!

Just a warning on the rain boots, ladies....
You may not suspect this but they may attract unwanted advances!?
I was wearing my own bright green rain boots at my local grocery this weekend and got hit on! ;)
They really should put a warning label on these things!

Please be sure and scroll down for all Ms. R's looks!! 

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