Merry Merry Holidays

Much love to you and yours xo, 

See you back here on January 1st.

Cocktail Hour : NYE

White Peach &  Cardamom Bellini
½ large white peach (roughly chopped)
½ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
1½ tablespoons sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
Edible gold glitter stars

In a food processor add peach, lemon juice, sugar and cardamom. Blend until smooth. Rim each glass with lemon wedge and then dip into a plate of glitter stars. Next carefully add 2 tablespoons of mixture to each glass and top with champagne. Pour champagne in slowly as not to disturb the beautiful rim! Cheers!

Recipe Source: Fashionably Bombed

For TWO MORE NYE looks check me out on the fabulous Valley & Co. blog right here!

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All I want for Christmas: Havaianas

What is not to love about Havaianas
They come in every color of the rainbow, they are the chicest, most comfy flip flop around!
Together with their wonderful social responsibility and amazing design,  you can see reason they have had a loyal following since 1962
As a stylist this is my personal favorite flip flop. 
And at $26 a pop they'd be a fabulous gift for anyone one your list. 

See you at the Gap!!

Yours truly will be at Gap Fashion Valley this Saturday December 15th from 8- 10 am !

Come visit, get free style advice, do some holiday shopping, I'd love to see you there!

For some Gap-spiration .. 

All I Want For Christmas...Julibox!

This lovely gift combines three of my favorite things. 
A gift that keeps giving all year! 
Real Mail!
A yummy cocktail! 
This gift is perfect for that person on your list that has everything (and is over 21).  

Subscribe here Julibox

"Julibox is your passport to cocktail discovery.  Each month, you will discover two great cocktails, curated by our world class mixologists and designed especially for easy home preparation. You'll get enough ingredients to make two of each cocktail; four cocktails in sum.  And you get all of the spirits and mixers you'll need to make 'em." ( from their website)

New York City Family Vacation

We are off... 
 New York City is one of my most favorite places, I have been many, many times. 
However, I have only been once for vacation! 
Today the SYL family is headed to New York City for a family vacation. 
It will be such a delight to see the city through my kids eyes. 
There is nothing like see being in Manhattan you can see and feel the city. 
And a visit during the holiday season, can it get any better?
We asked the kids what they wanted to see and do most, and then added a few of our own must visits. 
It is hard to squeeze it all in a few days. 
Wish us luck on our adventures! 
You can follow us here and here, I will share my daily outfits, 
which will include lots of layers this SoCal girl does not like to be cold!
What is YOUR favorite thing to do in the city?

They inspire me!

Isn't it a delight to discover new blogs?? Pouring over the inspiration they contain?
Thanks to blogs and the internet, inspiration is truly everywhere!! 
Here are a few of my favorites... I hope you will discover something new!

The reason I love each and everyone of these blogs is the lovely, 
lovely, talented ladies(and gent) that write them. 
They are warm, friendly and creative, a few I am blessed enough to know in real life.
 The rest I feel like I know thanks to their warmth and lovely spirits.
Thanks to each and everyone of you for your inspiring blogs!! 

Ashley is just darling... her blog is FULL of visual inspiration!! She has a J.Crew addiction ( I think)!
One peek at her blog will leave you wanting more!  I think I want her to come live with me...
Then I can pick her brain and her closet! 

Julie is a true southern bell!! I adore checking out her favorite finds, and seeing her glam outfit posts on Instagram. I can practically hear her sweet southern drawl!!

Erin's blog is a daily treat if you love Turquoise and decor!! 
It has been delightful to see her go from single lady to married gal in the last few years. 
She even shared her Turquoise inspired wedding with us. 
I love her playful style and look forward to daily design inspiration. 

Leslie is an architect by trade and styles and photographs AMAZING images
She used to live in Los Angles but now she is way up north in Canada.
I "met" Leslie in an blogging class four or five years ago when I started my blog.
I have been hooked ever since. She exudes calm and peace something I crave ;).  

Aleah and Nick are husband and wife AND uber talented event planners!
 They are warm, creative, generous and adorable! 
They posts inspiring DIYs, recipes, and creative ideas on their lifestyle blog.
I am very happy they live here in San Diego (lucky me!).

Anna is all around AWESOME
She is an amazing mom, graphic artist, crafty, and quite an amazing dresser too! 
I love that she even shares some of her Catholic faith on her blog as a fellow Catholic, it inspires me.

Turning 40 Rocks: Dinner Party

Well it happened.... In October yours truly turned 40. 
Seriously friends, I remember being a kid and seeing those Lordy Lordy look whose 40 pictures
 and thinking wow they are old. 
But here I am, and guess what I don't feel old, I feel great! 
I have my life figured out (for the most part;)). 
I am happy where I am at personally and in my career.
Although I am still constantly striving for improvement.  
So as much as I will miss my 30's I think 40's will be pretty great too. 

I had not one but TWO parties for my 40th. 
 I have to say turning 40 was FAB. U. LOUS! 
My San Diego friends threw me an amazing birthday party which I will also share, very soon.  

This party was a sweet little dinner party I threw for my dearest friends.
I wanted to celebrate those people that I love and treasure,
 and that have to put up with me on a daily basis ;0). 
Four of my college girlfriends  flew in to join us and we had a whole weekend to celebrate together! 
I HIGHLY recommend multiple parties! 
I don't know why I waited so long!

This is my formula for a perfect dinner party
All the details, sources, etc... at the bottom.

My Outfit:  Dress Zara/Tights Betsy Johnson/Shoes Stewart Weitzman
Earrings Cleo Fringe / Bracelets Vintage Twist Silver & Gold

Venue: Oliver and Rose (part of Cafe Chloe
If you have an upcoming celebration, have it here! They are AMAZING!!! 
They went above and beyond to make my party special you really can't go wrong if you hire them.
They handled menus, flowers, place cards, etc.

 I highly recommend this piece, I learned in college how fun it is to have pictures of your celebrations and this way your guests don't have to worry about taking pictures all night!

Necklaces: My lovely friend and fellow FGI member was our necklace maker, I highly recommend hiring this position. That way your guests can just pick our their designs and then drink socialize.
If you'd like her email drop me a line. She created a project for my other party too! 

If you can't hire or find someone to do this for you, make sure have most of the work done before the party, then your guests can just add the charms. 

Good Bags: Custom Straw, (says drink in French)/Pocket Mirror/Nail Polish/Hair Clip