December Birthday Outfits

Last but not least December Birthday girls!!
Here is the form, please return to me at

Jenn: 9
Laura: 11
Chelsie: 15
Terri H : December 18
Kara J: December 24
Heather: 26 

Stylish Gift Guide: Tween Gals

Do you have one of these gals in your life? 
If you do you are truly blessed! They are happy, youthful and full of sparkle and optimism! 
Let's shower them with delightful gifts !

5. Caviar Mani Set 

Stylish Gift Guide: Hostess

This time of year we all get invited to lots of get togethers, a stylish gal never goes empty handed! 
Your  hostess deserves a little treat! These are some of goodies that are sure to delight. I especially love the kid focused items (3&4). As we all know happy kids makes for a much happier party! 

Virtual Headshot Styling for Young Models and Actors!

Headshot Virtual Styling 

1. If you live anywhere in the US yes, I can help you! (this is only because of the stores I am familiar with and shipping issues) I have done outfits for other countries if you can get the stores to ship to you that is okay too. 

2. Virtual headshot syling includes up to THREE looks for your photo session. All sent to you in a photo collage, with links to each purchase each piece. 

3. This process takes a minimum of two-four weeks if you are in a time crunch please let me know before purchasing. Then I can let you know if I will have time to get your sets completed :) 

4. You will pay for the sets via Paypal and I will send you a questionnaire.

5. I will email you a questionnaire!
This is the most important step please read!! 
ALL information has to be on this questionnaire, if you send me three different emails with bits and pieces of information I WILL miss something, and I don't want to miss anything.
I want to deliver you outfits that you love and meet all your needs!

6. Return the completed questionnaire to me please,

7. You are put into the "line" as soon as I receive your completed questionnaire and photos back, not when you purchase. 

8. I will put the sets together and send them to you first. Then I post them on my blog. The reason I send them to you first? The outfits I post frequently have pieces that sell out so I'd hate to send you a set when items are no longer available.

9. You look awesome in your photo session!! 

All communication will be via email. If you live in San Diego and you want to hire me to physically shop for you, or want to schedule a phone appointment I will charge you my standard hourly rate. Please allow a minimum of two to four  weeks for "delivery" of your virtual sets.

See some of my kiddo styling here 

Click here to purchase! 

All I want for Christmas... DKNY Sparkle Strap Watch!

The happiest watch I have ever seen. 
I'd want people to ask me the time all day so I could just stare at the bling ;) 
This is the perfect gift for a friend that runs late! 

DKNY Sparkle Band Watch

All I want for Christmas.... tikes by Gavrieli

Tieks by Gavrieli are the yummiest softest ballet flat out there! 
They come in a wide range of colors and textures and will even fold up in your handbag.
These shoes are a must have for the ballet flat lover on your Christmas list! 

Cyber Monday

I want to say thank you for all the very sweet emails and comments from my last post. 
This is not the ideal forum for me to share my personal life,
and I like to keep it VERY light around here! 
However the truth is life isn't always manicures, shopping, and champagne. 
The last three weeks we had a death in the family and I had a breast biopsy. 
So I had some sad, scary things happening in my little world. 
Wednesday night my doctor called me to tell my my biopsy was negative,
 so I was able to celebrate this past weekend knowing I was okay.
I know a lot of other women are not getting that happy call.
I have several friends that are fighting breast cancer right now.
I am sure a few of you reading are also dealing with breast cancer in some form at this moment too!
It was my very first mammogram because I JUST turned 40. 
So friends go get your mammograms!!  Take care of yourselves.

Now on to work issues! 
There are so many deals online today it'll make your head spin!
The stores are all decorated the Holiday music is on the radio....
I guess it is the season. It really snuck up on me this year!!
Follow me on Facebook or Twitter I will be posting my favorite deals all day! 

To celebrate the season I am releasing some Virtual Outfits!
I haven't been able to do these for months because of my work schedule :)
You can also purchase a few for gifts and I send you a sweet little e-gift certificate!

I have 30 for sale first come first serve ;) ( limit 10 per person please!) 
Want to read more about them? Click here for the deets

$10 each 

I am Thankful for you!

Hi Friends!
  I have had a rough few weeks in my personal life. Everything is fine, and this is all part of life. 
I have a VERY blessed life and I am thankful for everything I have, including you all!! 
  Thank you for making me a part of your day,week, or however frequently you pop in on this little blog.
I deeply appreciate each set of eyeballs that peeks at "Style Your Life", and each of my darling clients live and virtual that I am blessed to work with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  

  To show my thanks I am going to do a Q & A post today.  Ask away comment below or on Facebook, asking me anything, or tell me what kind of posts you'd like too see. I will do a post next week and answer your questions.  

Much Love, 

Westfield Style Tour

If you missed this post... I was hired by Stacy London last Spring to be part of her network of stylists. 
Part of our job is working with Westfield shopping centers around the country. 

My fall was a whirlwind of styling!! 
It all started in Fashions Night Out in Santa Anita, CA. 
 From there on I pretty much worked 6/7 day weeks through last weekend.
 I met and styled 100's of amazing women and a few teens and tweens along the way.
 It was an amazing time all around and one of the best parts was working with the other stylist from around the country. 
If you live near a Westfield shopping center, be sure and keep your eyes and ears out for future styling events. 
I can't wait for the next Style Tour!! 

30 Fall Essentials: Blue Skirt Looks

My 30 Fall essentials outfit posts are taking too long, it is a bit redonculous. 
If I keep up at this rate it will be Spring when I finish! 
 So I am going to speed it up and try to finish off this week. 
Below are four looks using the blue Target skirt .

Have a wonderful Monday!


Holiday Nails

I have been really inspired by some of the Fab.U. lous holiday
 manis I have spotted on Pinterest
I even ordered the jewels to try on the last one!
If I do it justice I will share on my Instagram
Which is your favorite?
 Or have do you have a mani that I need to see?

Source: Maegan 

Kaboodle/Style Your Life Styleboard Contest Winner!

I am pleased to announce the winner of my Cocktail Hour Styleboard contest on Kaboodle
There were so many amazing entries! You are all a very talented group keep up the inspiring boards! 
They are all wonderful in different ways. 

The finalist with the most votes from the Kaboodle community follow.

And the winner selected by moi...

The winner is "Oopsi Daisy", designed by  markblemish

I love the sophisticated look, the entire combination is wearable for a variety of women. 
The neutral palate with the bold lip is relevant with todays' styles, without being trendy. 
The use of texture and accessories keep the neutral look from being boring!
Love this look, congrats! 

Which look would you have picked?

A Virtual Wardrobe: LA Attorney

Today I am posting one of my favorite recent Virtual Wardrobes. 
This wardrobe is for a Los Angeles attorney.
Her work looks aren't required to be ultra "corporate". 
I created  40+ looks for this stunning lady to get her from work, to date nights, to errands all looking like a million bucks! 
She owned all the jewelry, along with a few basics,  so they weren't part of her budget. 
All the jewelry is available through Stella & Dot 

Thanks R. it was a pleasure working with you! xoxo Jennifer 

If anyone is interested in this service the cost is $250,
you can email me to be put on the waiting list :)
If you want to read more about this service it you can here

J.Crew Cashmere Cardigan ( add a monogram?) 
Black Ann Taylor Jacket ( hers) 
Tweed Jacket Worthington  ( the secret find of the year!!) 
J.Crew Jacket (hers) 

Yellow Skirt ( hers) 


Trouser Denim (yours)