March Birthday Outfits

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March ladies, Happy Birthday!!
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Elissabeth: 9
Rasing a Brood: 11
Nicole: 19
Laura: 18
Kristina: 18
Carrie: 21

Virtual Outfits for a Teacher

Mrs. W is a happy teacher in Arizona. She requested four SYL Virtual Outfits super sized!
(she is one smart cookie)
These four sets were done with a teacher's salary in mind.
They are teacher sweet, comfy, yet pulled together, and would also work for creatives business attire. She told me she is a little nervous about the pink and orange,  don't be Mrs. W !
You get my personal guarantee lots of compliments the day you wear that ensemble :).
Thanks to all you teachers out there, thanks for teaching the future generations and taking care of our babies when they aren't with us! 


Animal Print Pants 101

Did anyone else get any of the Jason Wu Target line? 
I bought this top below, and this is one of the ways I love to wear it, with animal my print pants.
I like the soft feminine top with the more sassy pant. 
My pants happen to be Tory Burch that I SCORED for $19.99 on Rue La La. 
 I treat my pants as a neutral tan pant, so any color you'd normal wear with tan pants can be worn with animal pants!
Have some fun they look great with blue, green, pink, red....
If you haven't tried animal print, I urge you to try some. 
Start with a scarf or belt, or these pants below they are only $19.99 at Target, 
so not a big investment, a great place to start!

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Casual Playful Chic

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your amazing sweet emails and comments on Friday's post.
I loved reading each and everyone of them!
Did anyone watch the Academy Awards?
I was out until the very end, so I missed the red carpet but saw the last three awards.
I loved The Artist so I was happy they won Best Picture!
The Help was amazing too. Such an amazing book and movie!
What were your favorites?

I finished the Spring Look Book and sent it over to the Graphic Artist on Saturday.
I think you guys will really enjoy it, I am excited to share it with you all!

So on to the look of the day... Perfect for a casual play date, shopping, weekends, running errand.
I was inspired by this cheerful cardigan from everyone's favorite discount store...
Have some FUN with your wardrobe, add some color and playful touches!
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About Me... What about you?

 Hey there everyone! It is Friday. I hope you have a fun weekend planned? 
I am relieved this week is over it was a bit overwhelming for me I must admit. 
I have really let the blog posts slide with all my other commitments both personal and business.

One of the areas I feel I severely lack in the whole blogging business is putting myself out there. 
In "real life" I am a talker... people can't shut me up (seriously, ask anyone that knows me well).
But when I post on the blog I clam up, I don't know what to say or how to even start writing.... degree is Fashion, not English, I am not a fabulous, funny or  entertaining writer ;) .
I feel like I don't put myself out their in a way that you "know" the girl behind the blog.
So in a effort to improve this... I just updated my about me page and I thought I'd share it with you. Not that you even care to know the the girl behind the blog, just show me some cute outfits :), lady that is why I am here. 

 SO I have to ask you all a favor... Since I am going to try very hard to put myself out there more. Can you humor me and tell me something about you? I LOVE when you email me and tell me about yourself and that is the way I have gotten to "know" a few of you out there! Sometimes I forget people are even reading, so when I get one of your emails I am like oh wow! someone is reading :) . So just leave a little comment here or on Facebook, or email me , K?

I have two beautiful children and a very handsome, kind husband.
I have lived in, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, and California.
I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma
I get bored easily.
I wish I liked to work-out but I don’t.
I have met a lot of celebrities but my favorite people to meet are successful business owners.
I have sewn since I was eight, when I got my first sewing machine. 
I am not a writer, I have a degree in fashion, sorry for all typos and grammatical errors.
I am horrible at team sports.
My office is a mess 99% of the time.
I am the oldest in my family so I am really bossy (I am never wrong either).
I have known I would be in fashion since 8th grade.
I am turning 40 in October.
I don’t like to cook.
I am incredibly sarcastic.
I don’t have a “favorite” store, I shop everywhere.
I watch a lot of movies because I love the set and costume design.

Things I Love:
Friends and Family ( especially Gina)
My clients Local and Virtual
Shasta Daisies
Ballet Flats
A Clean House (although it is rarely clean)
Vintage Brooches 
Audrey Hepburn
Flapper Dresses
Sixteen Candles
Mc Donald’s French Fries
Lip “stuff”
White Interiors
Jeff Lewis
The Chaneys
Cocktail Rings
The Beach
Kate Spade
Cocktail Hour
Cheese Boards
Helping clients look amazing and feel confident!
Lifetime Movies
Cigarette pants
Discovering something new (to me)
Stella and Dot

Working it

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! 
I am working really hard to finish up the Spring Look Book for you all :) 
I SHOULD be back to normal next week!
I don't do enough, what to wear to work, business attire posts.
So I did one for you that is two full outfits with only one new piece. 
What do you have in your closet that you can wear in a new way?
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Virtual Outfits: Casual Spring Supersized

Handbag ( your own) 

Handbag ( your own) 

Give Style Your Life as a Gift !

For all you super smart ladies that read Style Your Life...
I now offer  Gift Certificate for you to send to your friends and family.
Spoil them with style!
Gift Certificates can be purchased for Virtual service or local services.

What a wonderfully fun and unique gift!

Virtual Wardrobes

Mac Daddy - $250 each

Mini Wardrobe- $150

Skyppe Session  or Phone Call- $50 per hour

Local Services- $100 per hour

Classes and Group Styling Events ( a great Girl's Day/Night Out, or birthday party!) - prices vary 

February Love Your Life: Day 10

Buy yourself a little personalized present ! 

I have wanted one of these @styleyourlife necklaces for awhile.
Today was the day!
Bloomspot (coupon site) has a $100 for $50 deal for Baublebar!
So I bought one and now I can get my @styleyourlife necklace for a deal!

Go to Bloomspot to by your 50% off certificate
Visit Baublebar to create your own :) . They have lots of CUTE other jewels too!

Happy Birthday Kimberly!


Virtual Wardrobes

So you have probably seen my Virtual Outfits...right?

This year I have added a new service called Virtual Wardrobes.
It includes wardrobe basics for YOU, your body type, your likes,your dislikes,your lifestyle and your budget.

I will select pieces from online stores, essential pieces, that I believe you should have in your wardrobe.
These pieces will be your foundation, your building blocks, so that you can add trends, or fun new pieces seasonally!
These are the pieces you will be able to wear for 10 years. They are classics and will be the go to piece you own.

A Virtual Wardrobe* includes:
YOUR personalized basic core wardrobe essentials, with links to all products.
These basic core items are clothing, shoes and accessories.
14 virtual outfits using these pieces. These outfits will get you through two typical weeks. Print these out and keep them in your closet for reference.
One hour phone call or Skype session with me.

Cost per virtual wardrobe is $250
(a small price to pay for the comfort to know you have all the right pieces, and look great everyday!!!)

Email me for waiting list

*Virtual Wardrobes are good for ONE theme. For example, you cannot  purchase a Virtual Wardrobe that works for corporate America AND a vacation to Brazil.  That would be two separate wardrobes.

Here is an example of a Virtual Wardrobe.

1. Pencil Skirt
2. CZ/Diamon Studs
3. Pearl Necklace
4. Black Pump
5. LBD
6. Cardigan/s
7. Bangles
8. Khaki Pants
9. Striped Tee
10. Dark Denim
11. Scarf
12. Boots
13. Black Trousers
14. A touch of animal print
15. Daybag
16. Clutch 


Grey J.Crew Sweater
Stretch Pencil Skirt
Glint Flower CZ Earrings
Classic Pearl Necklace
Vaneli Black Pump icon


Simple - Satire - Hemp (White/Navy - Zappos Exclusive!) - Footwear

Joe's Provocateur icon
Grey Cardigan Sweater J.Crew
V-neck Tee
Pink Scarf
Black Belt
Boots icon Sunglasses


Black Cafe Trouser 
Pink Sweater
Vaneli Black Pump icon