Virtual Outfits: Neutral with a pop!

Our friend Esmerelda, a south Floridian requested a Virtual Outfit recently. 
She prefers to dress in all black or khaki with a pop. 
I realize a lot of you feel this way and a lot of people think head to toe black is slimming!
And you are correct... 
However head to toe any color is slimming...  even GASP white! 
So those of you stuck in your black uniforms,
I urge you to try the monochormatic outfit in another color and see for yourself!

Black Pants

How to Pack for a Valentine's Getaway

Love is in the air....
Today I just happen to be taping my newest TV segment for San Diego Fox 5
It is all about Valentine's Day. 
I have an amazing day of pampering and surprises planned, I tell you my job is tough fabulous!
The segment will air the week before Valentine's Day.
I will ( of course) share it with you all here too.   
Lots of delightful gift ideas for those you LOVE.

Dear Tory

Fashion Valley Mall
San Diego, CA 92131

January 27th, 2012

Mrs. Tory Burch
CEO and designer, Tory Burch
New York, New York

My Dearest Tory Burch

I am writing to you today, with a urgent request.
I am begging you to stop designing such irresistible shoes.
You continue to do this to me, season after season.
You must realize I am not made of money, yet you behave as I am?
Each season, you design a shoe or two that takes my breath away.
A shoe, I dream of, and my closet yearns for, a shoe I NEED in my life!
A shoe I simply must purchase.... You see I have no choice.
It is becoming quite a problem so I'd appreicate if you would consider my request.
If you could even just take a season or two off, I'd be eternally grateful.
Thanks for your consideration.

Your Loyal Fan,

owner and stylist, Style Your Life

Virtual Outfits: Superbowl

I recieved a urgent email.. from a dear old college friend.
She is headed to Indianapolis for the festivities, and was concerned about what to wear.
  I through on my super cape and started to shop for the Morts. 
I think they deserve to be the best dresses at Superbowl 46!


Cancun, Virtual Outfit

Our friend Lori is jetting off to Cancun today... 
She asked for my help to assure she looked her best along the way!
This was a last minute process so we were limited to her nearby Target and Old Navy, 
with a few Stella and Dot pieces thrown on top! A girl is never fully dressed without a smile and some sparkle.
Lori have merry time in the Caribbean sun! 

February Birthday Outfits

February Birthday girls listed below...  here is the form,
please return to me

3: Rosey
8: Shirley
9: Val 
13: Kimberly 

Daily Deal

It has been a long time since I have done a daily deal.. do you guys miss them? Let me know.

I have been a fan of the brand Funktion since I first saw them at market about 6 years ago. 
They can be found at boutiques and Anthropologie. 
They design the sweetest kitchen and home goods!  
I was giddy to see them on Zulily this morning as I love me a bargain!  
This is what I bought! 

Zulily ALSO has  Doodle Art Prints by Doodli-Do's today. 
They feature great inspirational pieces!

Cocktail Hour

What to drink:
  • 2 teaspoons finely grated peeled fresh ginger
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 bottle (750 ml) dry sparkling wine, such as Cava, Prosecco, or Champagne

What to wear:

It's Cocktail Hour...

Happy Birthday Cara

Happy Birthday Cara

Virtual Outfits 2012

Hey there lovely ladies! 
If you are a newer reader and aren't sure what a Virtual Outfit is... Read HERE

I am going to start offering Virtual Outfits again!!
 I make a few changes due to my work volume and the amount of time the outfits take me!

I will be offering 30 outfits a month, first come first serve. 
I will put the outfits up for sale on the first of the month.
They will be available for purchase until they sell out.
The outfits will be $10 each, if you'd like me to make them mix and matchable be sure to write SUPERSIZE on the questionnaire.
Get your questionnaire, click here

If you are interested in purchasing Wardrobe Packages, Virtual Style Sessions, or Happiest Birthday Outfits...stay tuned ;0)

Examples of older Virtual Outfits.



Five Virtual Outfits (supersized/ mix and match)


















Happy Birthday Suzy