30 Fall Essentials!

This is my list of Fall Wardrobe Essentials, items that will get you through the Fall, looking fabulous! 
For the next month I will show you all the outfits and ways to mix and match this wardrobe + accessories so if you invest in these great pieces or own them you can play along, look chic and feel amazing! !

4 Pencil SkirtFull Skirt  6. ??? Your choice 

7 Button Down Top   8 Fun Tees- Sequin, Lace
9 Basic Layers-  Long Sleeve Tees- Tanks 

Blouse- 11 Floral 12 Polka Dot 

 15 Trench  16 Blazer 

21 Trouser Cut Pants ( denim or other material) 
22 Leather Pants or Skirt

25 Pumps 26  Flats
27 Loafers 
28 Handbag 

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