Santa Anita Westfield Style Lounge- See you there!

So if you all remember I was hired by Style for Hire (Stacy London) back in the spring/early summer!

Part of my job with Style for Hire is working for Westfield shopping centers in their
 Style Lounge and their Style Tour.

Throughout this Fall I will be at Westfield centers in LA and San Diego!!

If you live in the LA area yours truly will at Santa Anita Westfield Wednesday September 5th- Sunday September 9th.

I'd really love to see you there! Please come visit me if you can.
More details below ;)

Now, learning how to wear the latest looks is as much fun as shopping them. Welcome to the newest concept in staying stylish: the Westfield Style Lounge.

Introducing the Westfield Style Lounge

Top Stacy London-trained stylists show you how to wear the season’s must-haves during one-on-one style sessions. And the best part? It’s free.

The Westfield Style Lounge features:
  • One-on-one style consultations with professional Style For Hire stylists selected and trained by Stacy London
  • A showcase of fashion apparel and accessories from participating Westfield retailers

Westfield Style Lounge Schedule:
  • Dates - Thursday, September 6th through Monday, November 19th
  • Hours - Friday through Sunday from 1-6pm
  • Location - in Center Court

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Amanda said...

Can't wait - I'll see you soon