Guest Post: My Perfect Summer Day, Julie Leah

 Hello again, everyone! Julie Leah here sharing some more summery inspiration! I love summertime, especially planning summer vacations. My family is leaving for the beach next week and I can't wait. When Jennifer asked me to share my perfect summer day I immediately imagined sand between my toes and a big ice cream cone in my hand. 

For me, the perfect summer day starts on the beach and ends on the boardwalk. I love spending all day soaking up the sun, having my hair tangled by the salty air and spending the evening enjoying a delicious meal and sauntering along the boardwalk. Ice cream is usually a daytime and nighttime indulgence!



What does your perfect summer day look like?


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Perfect summer day for me - not too hot - read a good book outside with a nice breeze - be by the lake! Ice cold chai tea latte or lemonade. Love that swimsuit!

Merlin said...

ALL of the ABOVE!! franki