Style For Hire

So most of you know...
I recently spent five fun and fashion filled days in NYC. 
I was holding out on you all until I had news to share. 

The point of this trip? 
I attended a Style For Hire Seminar, 
with Stacy London and her delightful and inspiring team! 

I spent three days with Style for Hire. 
We had some killer keynote speakers:

We had some basic styling lessons...learning more about Stacy London's styling philosophies.
There were lots of challenges both group and individual!
The individual one was very, very intense!  
Anyone that is interested in a career in styling can take these seminars, click here to read about them
The point of these seminars is training and the opportunity for them to see your styling abilities,
 people skills, and how you work under pressure. 
One of my favorite parts of this seminar was meeting other stylists from around the country! 
It reminded me of a job interview/reality t.v show(our challenges were intense!)/sorority rush.

The outcome of these seminars?
They select stylists that show potential and have natural ability as "apprentices", 
they tell people no thanks and welcome them to attend the seminar again,
and a select few are chosen to be in the network of "Style for Hire Stylists". 

The amazing news here...I made it!! I am now a Style for Hire Stylist!
What does this mean??
 I will still have my own business and blog, etc...Style Your Life will not change. 
But now I will also get work through Stacy London's company as well,
so I will be endorsed as one of her hand picked stylists, which will open up many more doors for me. 
Believe it or not more people know about Stacy London then know about me ;) 
One of my new projects will be working with the Westfield Style Tours
so I may be coming to your area!! I will keep the blog up to date with this information. 
I couldn't be more excited for this new adventure. 

Now some pictures of my adventures! 

Travel Day

Seminar Day 1  

This is the day I also met and chatted with Chris Parnell in the elevator! 
Saw Robert Downey Jr. (VERY handsome in person) and a TON of paparazzi. 
 I was standing in the lobby talking on the phone to my husband and I looked up and there was RDJ!
I was like "OM Robert Downey Jr. just walked in front of me!!"
When he walked outside the paparazzi went crazy. It was fun to be in the middle of all that action!! 
The Avengers premier was that night so the stars were all staying that the Trump Hotel. 

The Final Day 

So the story behind the 20,000 cake ? It is a Sylvia Weinstock creation. 
Our seminar was at the Trump Hotel Soho. 
There was a wedding reception going on at the hotel, they heard that SL and team were at the hotel so they sent up the bottom tier of the cake to us!  
It was amazing, and I doubt I will ever get to taste $20,000 cake again, LOL.


Kelly Cram said...

Congratulations Jennifer! How very exciting for you!! Love all the pics from your NY trip!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kelly!!

Barb said...

This is just SO GREAT Jennifer, so happy for you and this new adventure. You are very talented and have a lot of good information to share in a relatable way- you just a broader platform now. Thank you for how you have inspired me!

Jennifer said...


Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Wow! That is AMAZING!!!! Congrats to you!!! =)

susie grant said...

love, LOVE, love the pics!!! thanks for bringing us along on your amazing adventure;) xo

Cara said...

Congratulations! I love how practical and fun your blog is and am glad more people will get to experience it. I get more inspiration on putting outfits together from you than any of the countless other blogs I read. I even keep post-its with your outfit "formulas" in my dresser.

Kristen said...

Congrats Jennifer! That is awesome!!

AboveUrban said...

Congrats! And now I'm craving cake...thanks :).

Jennifer said...

Christy, Susie, Cara, Kristen and Above Urban THANKS!!!

Raising a Brood... said...

Wow, so exciting! Congrats to you and blessings on the new avenue this will take you down!

Jennifer said...

@ Raising a Brood THANKS so very much!