Personal Wardrobe Styling 101- HOW

This is a question I answer daily... 
I thought I'd explain it briefly here on the blog, how I do it?
How does a wardrobe stylist do what they do?

Just like any other designer or artist it starts with the elements and principles of design.

Line, Shape, Value, Color, Size, Texture
 Harmony, Balance, Dominance, Gradation 
Contrast, Rhythm, Unity, Emphasis

When helping a client the first step is the science of styling. 
It is a rather complicated formula and there is a lot that goes into the process
I start with body type ( fairly easy process). 
Once I asess your body type I can figure out what clothing SHOULD look good on you.
This is done through measurements, paying attention to trouble areas, favorite features. etc, etc. 
The science part is also deciding with clothing will work for you, color, patterns, textures, etc.
There are great ways to play with color, pattern and texture to fool the eye!

The Art part of styling is next. 
It is combining colors, patterns,clothing pieces, and accessories in a way that is appealing to the eye, and works for your lifestyle. 
The art of styling is very subjective... so one person's ideal outfit may be unattractive to another. 
For example. I don't like certain shoes, and another woman loves them. 
My job is to look past my own personal taste and find items that work for my clients, that suit their lives and make them feel and look great.

This is why each and every outfit I do here on my blog is different.
 You aren't expected to like them all...
They were designed, put together and curated for one person.
That person most likely has a different body type, lifestyle, age and taste then you do.
This is a GREAT thing! 
I am glad we all have our own tastes and personal styles!! 
It makes the world a much more interesting place no?
Thank goodness we can dress in a way that expresses who we are and what we love!
Look at all these amazing stylish woman below..
aren't we glad that we have had them for fashion inspirations!

I do what I do because I love helping women, girls and men become their OWN style icon!

If you live in San Diego or the OC you can hire me click here.

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Next Monday.. Personal Wardrobe Styling 101- WHAT

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Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I just saw you featured on Julie's blog, so I thought I would stop by to say hi and follow! :)
Great post... I'm working towards being an image consultant/personal stylist. I'm so happy I found a blogger who's in the industry!
Beautiful blog!