Reader Question: Chic Comfy Sandals

Hi Jennifer,

I'm enjoying your spring style e-book and your blog so much. 

I'm quite a bit older than you (and live in AZ), but I'm translating your great style ideas to my needs and it's working great! Thanks :) I have a question about the shoes though. 
I can use the color ideas but can't wear many of the shoes due to painful feet. I'm seeing a neurologist now and getting some relief but I can't wear shoes that have a flat insole with no support.
 I'm having a struggle with finding sandals that work and you know how important sandals are in AZ!! Do you have any suggestions for sandals that might work in place of the cute little sandals/thongs you show? I can sometimes wear merrills, tevas, Birkenstocks, etc but they're not so cute of course : (   And I can only wear flip flops to the pool!


Dear K.L
Your issue is fairly common! I have quite a few clients that need some support in their gorgeous feet. Here are a few basic pointers...

#1. More expensive quality shoes, will be constructed better and have more support. For someone like you you'll need to spend more on your shoes, sorry. 
#2. Be selective don't settle for frump! You deserve cute shoes too!! Always be on the look out for the perfect shoes. 
#3 Try lot of different styles and brands ( you never know which will work until you try them and different brands work for different feet). 
#4. Online stores like Zappos and Endless offer free shipping and free returns. They also carry a LOT of shoes. So go crazy, order a bunch and return what doesn't work
#5. Look into having shoes custom made for you, yes it may be more costly but they will likely last forever and you can get exactly what you want!

My personal favorite brands for comfort and style are Kork-Ease ( I can run in my 3-4" wedges, really I have!) and Cole Haan (my pregnant, running through the streets of NYC brand). But we are all so different, you'll have to find your own perfect brands! 

Below are some options I like to get your started! 
Hope that helps!


I was on west elm's blog Monday! Check me out there!!!

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Emily said...

Thanks for sharing these ideas. I live in Florida and am a teacher, so I have the same problem. I'll have to check these out!

Vivian said...

Interesting n helpful. I have to wear orthodics which does not leave sandals in the picture for this summer. For summer for this adventure too and i am in OK and its hot for shoes. Anyone else have this situation? Love to hear suggestions.

Claire said...

Please note that if you have foot problems, one of the worst things you can do is wear flip flops! I messed up my foot so bad doing that. I've been very careful the last 2 years to wear only good shoes and my foot is much better. For sandals, you might try Naot, a pricey brand, but your feet will thank you. They have cute sandals that are great for problem feet.

DahliLynn said...

Love all these comfy sandals!!!

Kathy said...

Jennifer ~ Thanks for the suggestions. I've never tried Kork Ease so I'll go to Nordstrom as soon as I can. You've given great options that are cute and colorful. Yes, flip flops are out for me too! I have orthotics but they don't help at all and they don't work in sandals true. I did wear orthotics before in ballet flats and they worked well for staying in. I like the options here because they're cute!

Kathy said...

Claire - Thanks I'll try Naot too!

just me said...

it's a hard job to find perfect pair of sandals :) thanks for sharing.

Amy Powell said...

there's some great stuff in here! it's always important to remember to not kill your feet! and you found some super stylish things :)

hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter.}