Spring Trend: Colorful Bottoms

As promised I will be sharing my favorite spring trends with you all! 
The first Spring Trend that is EVERYWHERE is colorful pants
Now here are some rules... 
1. They come in skinny, trouser and straight cuts. 
Be sure to wear the cut that flatters your body, just because you want the trend doesn't mean you should ignore your body type....
2. You don't have to be skinny to wear this trend. Anyone can wear it! 
3. Red is a safe color for fashion 101.. you will not look like your trying too hard! 
4. If you want you could also try this trend in a skirt or shorts. 

The following outfits are done with each of the looks from the Spring Look Book !
SO which ever look is "you"  I a showing you a way to wear it and you'll  be able to add these trends to your wardrobe, along with the basics I covered in the look book.
This is the proper way to wear trends, with your personal style! 
This will prevent you from looking like a fashion victim ;)


Untitled #2075

Untitled #2076

Untitled #2077

Untitled #2078

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Domestic Engineer said...

OM Goodness. I LOVE how your continued the theme from the look book!!! This is totally awesome. And thank heavens you are recommending people stick to what flatters their body type and not to be a fashion victim! We've all seen enough of those to last a lifetime.