Spring Look Book 2012

When putting together the Spring Look Book 2012, I decided to change the format. 
 I can't wait to hear your thoughts and feedback. 
In seasons/years past I have featured trends in these books. 
This season I decided to feature classic looks instead. 
So this SLB will be timeless...
In this SLB I explain:
 Four classic looks 
The pieces you should have in your closet to emulate these looks 
and a fun new feature, a cocktail recipe for each look! 

The Looks I am featuring this season are...
The Modern Day Audrey 
The Paris Wife 
Palm Beach Chic

When you click to purchase allow time for Paypal to redirect you to a pop-up window, that is the book, download it from that window!
All the items in the SLB are linked and by clicking on the image on the wardrobe essentials page you will be taken directly to the item ( if it is still available) !
If you don't get the book please email me, I have no way of knowing otherwise :)


I will feature my favorite Spring Trends, I will just do it right here on the blog!
I will write a weekly or bi weekly "Spring Trend" feature.


Anonymous said...

I may have missed it in an earlier post, but what is the cost of the Spring Look Book?

Jennifer said...

The Look Book is $6

Domestic Engineer said...

I love the new format! I love that you chose to go with classic pieces and show how to style them. I love it!

Melissa said...

Jennifer, I just got my copy. I love it! I'm going to put it in a binder in my closet to help me on the days I'm suffering from "I have nothing to wear.". My question is linking to the sources. Was I supposed to save the copy I downloaded to be able to access the sources? There are some items I'm interested in.