About Me... What about you?

 Hey there everyone! It is Friday. I hope you have a fun weekend planned? 
I am relieved this week is over it was a bit overwhelming for me I must admit. 
I have really let the blog posts slide with all my other commitments both personal and business.

One of the areas I feel I severely lack in the whole blogging business is putting myself out there. 
In "real life" I am a talker... people can't shut me up (seriously, ask anyone that knows me well).
But when I post on the blog I clam up, I don't know what to say or how to even start writing.... 
See...my degree is Fashion, not English, I am not a fabulous, funny or  entertaining writer ;) .
I feel like I don't put myself out their in a way that you "know" the girl behind the blog.
So in a effort to improve this... I just updated my about me page and I thought I'd share it with you. Not that you even care to know the the girl behind the blog, just show me some cute outfits :), lady that is why I am here. 

 SO I have to ask you all a favor... Since I am going to try very hard to put myself out there more. Can you humor me and tell me something about you? I LOVE when you email me and tell me about yourself and that is the way I have gotten to "know" a few of you out there! Sometimes I forget people are even reading, so when I get one of your emails I am like oh wow! someone is reading :) . So just leave a little comment here or on Facebook, or email me , K?

I have two beautiful children and a very handsome, kind husband.
I have lived in, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, and California.
I am a Kappa Kappa Gamma
I get bored easily.
I wish I liked to work-out but I don’t.
I have met a lot of celebrities but my favorite people to meet are successful business owners.
I have sewn since I was eight, when I got my first sewing machine. 
I am not a writer, I have a degree in fashion, sorry for all typos and grammatical errors.
I am horrible at team sports.
My office is a mess 99% of the time.
I am the oldest in my family so I am really bossy (I am never wrong either).
I have known I would be in fashion since 8th grade.
I am turning 40 in October.
I don’t like to cook.
I am incredibly sarcastic.
I don’t have a “favorite” store, I shop everywhere.
I watch a lot of movies because I love the set and costume design.

Things I Love:
Friends and Family ( especially Gina)
My clients Local and Virtual
Shasta Daisies
Ballet Flats
A Clean House (although it is rarely clean)
Vintage Brooches 
Audrey Hepburn
Flapper Dresses
Sixteen Candles
Mc Donald’s French Fries
Lip “stuff”
White Interiors
Jeff Lewis
The Chaneys
Cocktail Rings
The Beach
Kate Spade
Cocktail Hour
Cheese Boards
Helping clients look amazing and feel confident!
Lifetime Movies
Cigarette pants
Discovering something new (to me)
Stella and Dot


Brenda said...

I thought I was the only one that loved moving! 6 years is the longest I have lived in one house.

Jennifer said...

@ Brenda LOL, Yeah! Someone that gets me people usually look at my like I have two heads when I say that!
I think I have you beat four years is the longest I have lived in one house... But we are in the process of house hunting now and I think this will be it for A LONG time!

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

You had me at Jeff Lewis, Audrey Hepburn, and Cigarette pants. LOVE!!
I love ballet flats, but think my size 11's don't do them justice sometimes.
I am the oldest, bossy and NEVER wrong, too.
Not only is my office a mess, my entire home is a mess.
If I had the resources, I be wearing all Audrey Hepburn type clothes. I love cigarette pants (but don't own any ...YET) and the big full skirt type dresses.
I've really only lived in Chicago. And I love severe storms.

Jennifer said...

@Natalie. I knew I liked you! I know something else we have in common, your great taste in jewelry :) Serve storms? like rain or snow??

Renae said...

Fun! About me:
I dated a guy for 7.5 years, met my husband on a friday, brokeup with said boyfriend on tuesday, never looked back. 14 years ago this April. I have two boys, 7 and 4, if you told me I could have another boy i'd do a baby in a heartbeat. Girls scare the crap out of me! I am the oldest but am now an only child, my brother committed suicide four years ago. I try to be a good aunt to his kids but his widow is a nightmare. (Debbie Downer huh?) I love rain storms and snow storms and the only place i've ever lived (nebraska) has plenty of both (in a normal meteorolgical year). Speaking of meteorology, I wanted to be one of those but instead I was an English major (who married an English major) and just got my master's degree in Public Administration 2.5 years ago. It took me 10 years. Oh yeah, I still have the same job I had before I got the degree and am not making any more money than I was. Boo. I love flats. Wish I could wear cropped pants (but I have a big butt). I am frustrated every morning when I look in the closet and am so happy I work from home 3 days a week (the real reason i'm still in the same job). I regret getting our dog (she's a puppy so perhaps this will pass). I love to do my short, stubby nails. I love Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Michael Buble. But I also love NWA and Snoop Dogg. Weird huh? I used to sing in high school and was Sandy in the Grease musical my junior year. And now that i've spilled it, I can't wait to read about some of your other readers!

Shelley Taylor said...

I am a writer but don't know much about fashion. That's why I love following your blog! I spend way too much time getting inspired at the computer and not enough time putting inspiration into action. Thanks for your inspiration!

Domestic Engineer said...

Wow, you have moved around girl! I've lived in MN, CA, FL, TX, CT, back to TX, LA and now back to TX.
I am 43, about to be 44, mom to 19 year old college daughter and a 16 year old son. My anniversary is Leap Day. I am an only child who married an oldest son. I am at a crossroads of life as I've stayed at home for 17 years raising kids and now they are growing up, I've found I'm still young and trying to figure out how to reinvent myself for the next 20 years. I ADORE your blog and love seeing the outfits you come up with. I love that you choose youthful ensembles at good price points. Since I'm one of the younger mom's at my daughter's private university, I don't want to look slouchy when I show up for parent's weekend!

Jennifer Cunningham said...

Here is my snippet

- NYer (stuck in LI but loving the beaches)
- 40 yr old Mom to a AWESOME 3yr old
- Working it and sometimes losing it :)
- Lived East Coast, West Coast and over the Pond in Germany
- Love to Travel, Read Books (two blogs for adult and children book reviews)
- love your blog and services
- working on that getting that idea on paper and making it happen...
- oops forgot, Married, two-step children, a dog and Mother in Law at home :) (DID I say I liked WINE, too!)

Glad to meet you!!

Hannah said...

I'd love to know where you found that great dress!

Camila said...

Hi Jennifer! Great post and pictures!I loved your "Things I Love" list!

Lori Deming said...

I look forward to reading your blog everyday. I just turned 46 and celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary last month. I love decorating and organizing. My 20yr old daughter loves Audrey Hepburn.

Love that you are sharing.


Lori Deming said...
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KK said...

I have a wonderful husband who tells me I'm beautiful every day and works hard for our family which includes our beautiful baby boy (and I'm hopeful that God will bless us with another child or four!)
I'm a CPA - so totally lack in the creative department, so I am a faithful reader and always looking to put your inspiration into affordable outfits for home and office!
We live in Missouri, but Kansas has a chunk of my heart where my parents and two of my four siblings live.
I volunteered with teens at our church for 3 years before our son was born, so I love when you give the tween inspiration too! I love Audrey Hepburn and her classic and modest fashion.

auntp said...

We are out here, your readers that is! Thanks for your fun blog full of great ideas. I am a 55 year old mother of five, living in FL, and doing a part time business with a friend. So, I am always looking for practical and fun ideas for making myself presentable for clients. I have never liked wearing heels...so glad to see flats become fashionable again, not that I ever stopped wearing them when they weren't:)

Jennifer said...

@ Renae, You are funny I love your "story". When we got our puppy I felt the same way. Trust me once they are trained and mellow out it is A LOT better. Funny you'd try again for another boy. I'd maybe possibly try again if it was a girl for sure( but probably not :) ). I am pretty overwhelmed with the two I have! Sorry about your brother that is really tough xoxo.
Love your music choices!

Jennifer said...

@Shelly together we'd make a perfect fashion blogger! I bet you cringe at some of my errors :)

Jennifer said...

@DE impressive... I should have said we aren't even Military! :) Where is your favorite place you have lived? That is cool your anniversary is Leap Day love that! I am glad I am helping you that is why I am here!

Jennifer said...

@Jennifer I also adore wine and reading I can't believe I forgot that on my list!! :) Nice to meet you too!

Jennifer said...

@ Hannah The dress is from last spring American Eagle!

Jennifer said...

@Camila Hi there xoxo!

Jennifer said...

@Lori congrats on the 25th! That is remarkable! thanks for reading

Jennifer said...

@KK Good luck with all those babies :) UGH a CPA that is the very last job in the world I would do.. numbers scare me!! Thank god I married a physics guy so someone can help the kids with math! Where in MO do you live? My in-laws are outside of KC so we visit every other year.

Jennifer said...

@Auntp thanks for your comment. I am glad I am helping you... flats will always be "in" it is just how you wear them :) I'd love to hear more about your business! I love hearing about other people's businesses !!

Kristen said...

Love you sharing your story! You mostly know mine already. Totally hit home with the oldest child thing and being bossy;)

Kate said...

Married for almost 5 years to an amazing guy. Mom to two lovely little girls that are 22 months apart.
Left a career in fashion and became a SAHM- No regrets. Some days are long, but the time goes all too fast!!
My guilty pleasures are Diet Coke, blogs, Robert Downey Jr., The Today Show, Pinterest.

Recently started a new adventure for a young and fabulously socially conscious company that is creating global impact.
It's a new passion and I am loving that it mixes with being a mom and accessorize-ista!!

Jennifer said...

@Kate the years do go fast! I LOVE your company and would be interested in hearing more about it, if you'd like to email me :) great products, great cause.

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing that, I loved reading it! Very cool to get to know you as I read every post, even though I don't comment on them all! Probably because, just like you, I'm not a writer and feel like my comment should be clever, and they aren't! LOL We are just about the same age, maybe that's why I identify with you?! I grew up in Michigan and now live in Iowa...and am hoping to move to Portland, OR!

KK said...

@ Jennifer - I'm in St. Louis, but we drive through Kansas City everytime we visit my parents, who live in Central Kansas. I'd love to move back there, but with my husband's ties to the city, it's pretty unlikely that he'll want to become a Jayhawker. :)

Maybe because my older sister is a bossy know it all, I feel lost when it comes to fashion, as she was always my shopping partner and fashinista...and now she lives so far away and I don't trust myself to pick out the "right" things. :) haha.

allison c. said...

I am a Kappa too - and a Stella rep :) Loved your post!

Caitlin said...

Hi Jennifer!

I've loved your blog since we were in Holly's BYW class together a few years ago.

I'm a Texas girl, but lived in Kentucky and Georgia for college and grad school.

I'm a Kappa Kappa Gamma too!

No husband or kids yet, but someday!

I loved hearing a bit more about you! Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

@ Caitlin thanks for your comment we do go way back, hehehe!
@ Allison C you are a smart lady ;)