Work It Wednesday

For today's" Work it Wednesday" I found this darling and versatile blouse from Forever 21.


I know some of you love F21 and some hate it.

This is what I tell my clients about F21.

#1 The website is less overwhelming :)
#2 Treat your F21 clothing like you'd treat your designer pieces
- wash with care( I use the hand wash setting on my washer) , NO DRYER
- store properly
#3 Everything in F21 isn't great, there is a hunt involved !
#4 If you don't have the patience hire me and I will do it for you!
- When you shop with me EVERY store has amazing service.
(because I am waiting on you, hunting for you, and I know what you need!)
#5 If they don't last your only out $25 ;)

So without further ado...

Untitled #1992

Untitled #1991

Untitled #1990

Daily Deal: $9 Ballet Flats

Yes you read that correctly.. Report Ballet Flats on Swirl today for $9 
I think you better hurry they will not last! 
Socking Stuffers anyone?

Birchbox and Gifts for Guys

I have been a subscriber to Birchbox since May ( Mother's Day Gift).
I discovered this company while researching for my Mother's Day Fox News segment... 
If you aren't yet familiar with Birchbox it is a box of beauty products that shows up in your mail box
monthly. It is only $10 a month too! My family bought me the annual subscription $110
It would make an AMAZING holiday gift!
I adore getting my monthy box and so does my tween. She gets just as excited to see the box as I do.  I hope they do a tween/teen box someday.
It is a great way to try new products, and always fun getting a surprise in the mail, no?

They just announced the Men's version and I am all over it.... super hip!

The Men's box is $45 but worth over $200

This is my November box...
If you are a beauty product junkie there are other sites as well... 

Have any of you tried the other sites? If so tell me your thoughts!