Reader Question: My Favorite Store

The question I get asked the most....
By people I meet, clients, friends, and readers is "What is your favorite place to shop"?
I tell them it depends who I am shopping with/for that day.
I shop at stores that I believe will be a good fit for my clients! 
If I am shopping for me, I have different stores I shop for different items.
But my current favorite place to shop..... online sample sales.
#1 I LOVE a deal
#2 I love designer ( but can't afford it)
#3 I love to have things no one else has ;)
#4 No long lines to try on or check-out

So every morning I look at the many many online sample sale sites for fashionable, must have items, that are afford-ably  priced!!

There are more sites but these are my favorites :) 

These sites are....
Rue La La 
Zulily ( this is where I bought my reunion dress actually)
Swirl  ( where I bought the dress in my Style Your Life Facebook Picture, it is back on Swirl today!! )
Beyond the Rack

Saturday Tween/Teen Inspiration

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale/ MY FAVS

I had more favs but I had to narrow it down AND some are sold out ( Tory Burch Riding Boots)!
What were your favorites, and what deals did you score? 


I am back !!

 I highly recommend everyone attend their 20th reunion!!
It was an amazing weekend (and entire vacation).
As promised I am sharing my reunion outfit with you all.
I wish I had more photos. I took some the first night at the "Icebreaker"  ( I shared on Facebook) but night two...
I was having too much fun to take photos. At least I had my little brother take one before we left my parents cabin.
Seriously this dress was PERFECT for the night. There was a wide range in how people were dresses for the night. I always prefer to be on the dressier side...
It is much better to be overdressed then under dressed!
What do you think?  Don't you love my dress?


Open Mic Summer Shorts for an Hourglass?

Its adorable! I love it!!! :) Ok, I have a question. I have an issue with shorts and summer tops...together.I have a booty and a chest, so shorts are kinda hard to find that look good, but also fit right. At the same time I don't want to wear really high cut or low cut tops, not too tight, but not ultra loose tops either. What style of shorts are the right style to be flattering on someone like me and what kind of top should be paired with it? I love dressing in the winter. I feel like I have that season down for the most part, but I dread the summer in regards to clothing. Thanks! :)

Open Mic Back to School

 Any first day of school outfit ideas?

For kids? College? Boys? Girls?

I will do some posts in August for back to school :)

Open Mic Busty Work Shirts

My problem is finding something suitable to go with my "basic black work pants and jacket" with a large chest, every button up shirt that is traditionally shown makes me look even more "chesty" than I already am, and I don't like wearing knits - they look a little too cheap and generally bunch at the chest as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Open Mic Fall Denim

I'm super confused about pants right now, especially jeans. What cut of jeans is trending right now and which ones should I be looking at for fall? As a 33-year old mom of 4, I practically live in jeans but walking into a store am still seeing boot cut right next to skinny

Open Mic Bra Straps

My problem is bra straps! I have narrow shoulders and any time I wear a tank top or sleeveless shirt, my straps end up showing. I don't like wearing strapless--so uncomfortable! What can I do?
This video and THIS older post should help :) 

Open Mic Twin Stomach

Ever since having twins my stomach is weird looking. I hate summer clothes because they make me feel fat, like I'm highlighting my midsection. What are some good summer options for minimizing my tummy area?

Saturday Tween/Teen Inspiration

“I get worried for young girls sometimes; I want them to feel that they can be sassy and full and weird and geeky and smart and independent, and not so withered and shriveled.” —Amy Poehler in an interview for Bust Magazine.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

NORDSTROM - Shop the Anniversary Sale

I don't know what I was thinking??

There is no way I will be able to answer all those questions for a post today!!
It is my SWEET SWEET daughter Maddy's  11th Birthday!!

I am running around like a chicken head cut off!
It also happens to be the end of the school year (we are in year round school) so both kiddos have parties today, Maddy's play is tonight and tomorrow and her Birthday party is Sunday.
Her party will be DARLING though thanks to One Charming Party!!

 Plus I literally (with two hours to spare) just finished the slide show from you know where!!

But I PROMISE Monday the open mic answers will be posted :)
Have a very stylish weekend


San Diego (Del Mar) Drybar!!

By now you should all know my love affair with the Drybar...
We visited the West Hollywood location a few months ago! 

NOW they are finally opening the Del Mar location tomorrow, YIPPEE!!!

Want the scoop?
Here is the official press release with all the deets. 
"Drybar, the premiere blow-dry bar that has captured the attention of thousands of women
throughout Southern California with a refreshingly simple concept:
“No cuts. No Color. Just Blowouts, for only $35.,”
 has announced that it will open its first San Diego location at Del Mar Highlands Center in July 2011.
 Drybar will bring their signature service to the ladies of the San Diego, proving a fun, chic and    comfortable environment where women are treated to a professional blowout for a flat fee    (regardless of hair length) of only $35.
The Drybar menu of blowout styles includes:
the Cosmopolitan (lots of loose curls),
the Straight Up (simple and straight),
Southern Comfort (big hair with volume),
Mai Tai (messy and beachy),
Manhattan (sleek and smooth) and, of course,
the Shirley Temple (for ages 10 and under, just $24).
Whimsical and stylishly fun, Drybar is a one-of-a-kind destination.
Each location maintains the brand’s cool vibe and aesthetics.
Drybar is known for its signature elements including chic d├ęcor,
cozy tufted Italian seats, marble bars, and flat screens with chick flicks on rotation—all underscored by a custom playlist of carefully-selected music.
For those who want to stay connected while being pampered, each station is equipped with iPhone docks/chargers.
While getting a blowout,guests relax at the bar while enjoying complementary coffee, tea, spa water, wine or champagne.
Additionally, Drybar offers a delicious menu of light bites and sweet treats."

See you there!