Emmy's Weekend

I had to share this cool deal I found.  Through the sample sale site Rue La La
!lthough very much out of my price range...
This is a great idea, didn't even know you could buy tickets to the Emmy's?
  Two Orchestra Level Tickets to the Awards & Gala with Two-Night Stay at Mr. C Beverly Hills
Spend an evening amongst Hollywood's brightest stars at TV's big awards, and enjoy luxury accommodations and VIP car service.
$10,300.00  $12,018.00
Be a part of true Hollywood glamor as you take in TV's big awards, and enjoy luxury accommodations and VIP car service.
$5,300.00   $6,018.00
Don your chicest attire for this amazing chance to attend TV's big awards, and enjoy luxury accommodations.
$1,950.00  $2418.00

And I have to say if your going you need to look GREAT! After what you have already spent $325 is a drop in the bucket ;)
Primp and pamper yourself with a fabulous new look for your red carpet debut from this spectacular Beverly Hills salon.
$325.00  $500.00

My Week in Pictures

I am back.....

The Resort we stayed at was Pubelo Bonito Sunset in Cabo San Lucas. We absolutely LOVED it and highly recommend it. We will be going back!

My nail color of the week was an acrylic very neutral color.  (I had a groupon)

Teen Beauty Part 3

Teen Beauty Tips Part 3... Read  part one and two

Source About.com Julyne Derrick 

11. When can you skip sunscreen ? Never
Here's a trick we wish we knew: The first beauty product you should apply every day is sunscreen, even if it's cloudy or rainy outside. Why? Good habits start young and if you use sunscreen now, you'll have gorgeous skin when you're 50, 60, 70. Remember, the sun's UV rays can penetrate clouds and car windows.

12. Wrapping hair around the barrel creates waves There's nothing cooler than long, layered waves. To get them, wind hair AROUND the barrel of a large curling iron. Reverse direction for each 2-inch section (wind up for one, down for another).

13. Self-tanner will always stink Unfortunately, even the best ones smell. Your best bet is to apply self-tanner a good 24 hours before an important event and take a shower (don't loofah) to wash off any smell. For really big events like a dance or wedding, consider a professional spray tan. These are pricey and don't last long, so make sure to do it a day before the big event.

14. Don't let nails go! Not into manicures and pedicures? No worries. Just make sure to keep nails clean and the same length. If you do want to paint them, don't keep the polish on until half of it's chipped away. Also, there's nothing worse than too-long toenails. Keep nails clipped between pedicures! People tend to judge others by the care they put into their hands and feet.

5. Don't line the inside of your eyes It will make your eyes appear smaller. Instead, line just at the lash line. Also, an obvious line doesn't look natural. Smudge the line just a bit.