Birchbox and Gifts for Guys

I have been a subscriber to Birchbox since May ( Mother's Day Gift).
I discovered this company while researching for my Mother's Day Fox News segment... 
If you aren't yet familiar with Birchbox it is a box of beauty products that shows up in your mail box
monthly. It is only $10 a month too! My family bought me the annual subscription $110
It would make an AMAZING holiday gift!
I adore getting my monthy box and so does my tween. She gets just as excited to see the box as I do.  I hope they do a tween/teen box someday.
It is a great way to try new products, and always fun getting a surprise in the mail, no?

They just announced the Men's version and I am all over it.... super hip!

The Men's box is $45 but worth over $200

This is my November box...
If you are a beauty product junkie there are other sites as well... 

Have any of you tried the other sites? If so tell me your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I have the most difficult time shopping for my mother in law, and this just saved me! She is so into beauty products it is crazy to me, and this will be the perfect gift for her!! I'm so excited to hear her feedback :)