Daily Deal: One Kings Lane

Follow me on this one it could get confusing...

One Kings Lane in a sample sale site that offers high end home goods at discounted prices.
Plum District is a daily deal site (  think, groupon) that offers coupons for stores, services, etc.

Today Plum District is offering a $40 deal for $80 of product at One Kings Lane!
So a 50% off coupon on 50% off goods!
Just call yourself an extreme coupon-er, I will call TLC  and get you on the show ;)

1. Click right HERE and sign up for One Kings Lane.

2. Click  HERE to go to Plum District,  and purchase the $40 off $80 deal!

3. Wow your friends and family with all the chic, high end home decor and accents you bought with only $40 :) Which is actually perfect with the Holidays coming you will be entertaining a lot, no?


Kristen said...

You can get it for $32 by using coupon code plumlove!

Kristen said...

No exclamation point in the code :)