How To Guest Post - Beach Brights!

My sweet blog friend Christy from Beach Brights made these darling Wellies, and was kind enough to think of us. Thanks for sharing Christy, I love them!!


Nothing would make me prouder than to tell you I have nothing better to do than embellish my rain boots but this would only be a half truth. The whole truth is that I have these really large calves and no boots in the world boots do not fit me. It's a terrible cross to bear.

So, in comes getting creative.  I found these rain boots at Walmart for ~$25, the grommets came from Hobby Lobby (buy more than you think you will need) and I had the ribbon. Any kind should work as well as a scarf, fabric strips etc. Be creative!


Step 1: Cut the boot as deep as you need it. Right down the center.

Picnik collage

Step 2: Add the grommets per the instructions on the package. You might can buy more industrial grommets than the ones I bought. These little guys felt flimsy and were not the easiest to work with, hence the buy more than you think you will need.


Step 3: Thread your ribbon & tie a bow.


Step 4: Enjoy boots that fit over your calves & have personality!

Picnik collage

Now, if I could just get some rain!


Katherine said...

Wide calf women of the world unite! I absolutely love your little trick to get an extra inch or two in there:)

Mrs. 5C said...

This is amazing!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

Stacy Orndorff said...

I added these boots to my Pinterest. Thank you!

Beachbrights said...

Thank you!!! XOXO

PS. I am still waiting for it to rain ;)

Mary Pat said...

I love this idea. I have large calves AND hugenormous feet (I have a hard time finding cute shoes in a women's 12). I'm so doing this! Thank you for posting <333

funkytime said...

hello Jennifer!
I would love you to link up your fabulous wellies to our 'Wellie Liny Party' here:

they look awesome!!!!

Michelle said...

I made two pairs tonight. Thanks for the idea!

nádya said...

So charming!!!! Loved the idea!!!