Traveling with Kate from Centsational Girl

Today's Post is brought to us by the LOVELY Kate from Censational Girl!
She has had a very busy travel schedule lately,
flying from coast to coast to appear on Nate Berkus and other business trips.
I think she needs to tell Nate she doesn't travel without her wardrobe stylist (wink, wink), what do you think??

Without further ado, here are Kate's travel and packing tips!

Packing for a trip can be tricky enough, deciding everything you need to bring along with you. Plane travel itself can be stressful and uncomfortable, but I’ve found that what you are wearing on the plane contributes to a much more relaxing trip if you pay attention to what you’re wearing just as much as what you’re packing.

I’ve been doing so much traveling lately. A lot of quick trips across the country for this and that, and all of it business or blog related. I’ve developed a uniform for stylish yet comfortable travel, and I wear some variation of this outfit every time I come and go through an airport. I don’t have the funds or luxury for anything but Economy or Coach seating, so comfort is absolutely key, but I don’t want to be caught looking like a complete hag either!

Dark jeans are great for the ultimate destination, but for travel, I do prefer a tailored version of lounge pants, ones that are gray or black, stretchy, sleek and comfortable. On top, I prefer thin layers and having my arms covered. Something about that airplane air blowing all over my skin gives me goose bumps, am I alone? Ick! I love love love a soft colorful scarf to wrap around my neck (again that airplane breeze) or act as a lightweight blanket.

More Travel Tips to Live By:

To maximize suitcase space: Roll baby roll! I’ve learned I gain more space in my suitcase by rolling up pajamas, tees, even jeans. A 6” flip top box holds bracelets and earrings. I rarely wear necklaces, but rolling them in a washcloth is very helpful if you do. Anything that needs to be hung up in a closet once I arrive stays on a lightweight hanger and gets placed on top folded over once (not rolled).

Drink a lot of water. It helps with jet lag, and the dehydration that always occurs when you fly.

Double check you have packed all your phone and laptop chargers, and your earphones. You do not want to have to buy them in the airport or waste time on your trip going to a tech store to replace it.

Enjoy a light meal before you board, and bring a few items to snack on with you on the plane, especially on cross country flights, or you’ll end up paying for the high priced limited offerings on the plane, or worse, be on a flight that has no snacks at all.

Research the weather where you are going and pack accordingly. For colder destinations, wear your warm coat on the plane (I have a favorite gray peacoat). For warmer destinations, still always bring a lightweight coat (and wear it with you on the plane to save space in your suitcase) even if the weatherman says “Sunny skies!” I use my peacoat or my lightweight trench as a makeshift blanket in flight (again, that airplane breeze)

Skip heavy jewelry for traveling for both comfort and needless delays in security setting off the metal detector. Simple drop earrings always seem to work.

Wear the shoes you think you’ll wear most at your destination on the plane (unless it’s flip flops and you’re headed to the beach, those are easily packed), especially if they are boots. Make sure your shoes remove easily for going through security. Also invest in one of those inexpensive sets of ballet flats that fold up in your handbag.

In addition to a handbag, I always bring a narrow rectangular tote that slips easily under the seat in front of me. I use it to hold my mini laptop and reading material. I also squeeze a small lumbar pillow in there as well.

Airplanes always have those unpleasant airplane noises, so I always bring an iPod or earplugs with me to drown them out. These also help if your hotel room has street noise, or there are other strange sounds that keep you awake.

More packing tips on my Fox 5 Travel piece here


Nikki said...

Aw, I love it when two of my most favorite bloggers collide! I've not done much traveling as I would've liked for the job I've been in for a year. However, two weeks ago I went to Denver for a less-than-36-hour trip and tips such as these will be SUPER for when that happens again. xo.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Visiting from Centsational Girl. These are great tips. I'm a "roller"'s amazing how much more I can cram into a suitcase that way. This is wonderful, as I am also a notorious over packer. Love the tip about rolling necklaces in a washcloth. That's a great one!

Cass@Happiness Lives Here said...

I'm visiting from Centsational Girl also. Thanks for the awesome travel tips. It always seems like a headache to go anywhere, especially when you have to board a plane. I've never been to Style Your Life so I am off to explore a bit. :)

abriana said...

Love these outfits!! Love, love! said...

Great tips....can we go shopping together??!! Love all of the style boards!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for saying HI and welcome!

Nikki I love that I am one of your favorite bloggers, Thanks for making my day!

Carrie I shop for you and you make me some of that yummy

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Yes, I'd love to have a stylist travel with me...what a concept! I enjoyed reading Kate's travel tips...

VJ said...

I love this!