Men's Look Book

I am happy to announce my first Men's Look Book it done!!
This book is NOT about trends it is about essentials!
Basic 101 fashion for men. 
It contains a list of items every man should own (and the ones they should get rid of).
This is the Fall/Winter version,
in the Spring I will do a Spring/Summer version.

I am very excited about this book because, I think a lot of guys out there need help!
They aren't as interested in fashion as women are (typically). So they don't pay attention and often shop for convenience rather then fit and style.
All items are LINKED to the store! Just like on the blog!

Trust me you'll love this book!
"Oh My gosh!  Your Men's Look Book is fabulous! " - BF

I will email you a link after you purchase.

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Shelly said...

Much needed my husband will love this. I've never ordered one before does it have similar links to where to buy the look?