Happy Birthday Virtual Outfits March

FOR MARCH BIRTHDAYS listed below only:
This is for those of you that entered the outfit giveaway. 
If your name is below...
Please email me, with BIRTHDAY OUTFIT in the title and I will send you the questionnaire!

FYI the contest closed January 6th. SOOO SORRY! 
There is only one of me ;) 

March 5 Amber
March 6 Ashley 
March 8 Whitney
March 11 Croft  
March 12 Stephanie
March 23 Rory
March 26 Alisa
March 29 Katie
March 29 Sylvia
March 30 VJ

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charisse said...

Darn, I saw the original post, am a follower and became a fan on facebook and I totally thought I had commented and I'm not there. poo...