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You answer my questions...
I will answer yours only fair, right?

Hi Jennifer!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to ask my question. So, I am a curvy petite. Not plus sized, just curvy. At 5'4" I wear a size 8 and am pear shaped (think J.Lo and Jennifer Love Hewitt,only not so sexy,lol). Wondering which looks would work best while addressing both my challenge areas. Believe it or not, there aren't a lot of resources out there for this combination figure. I am a stay at home mom to 3 kids who leads a casual life style but likes to stay current and trendy.

Thanks again! Love your blog!
Nancy in TX

First thanks for answering my questions, now I will answer yours!
#1 DRESSES, DRESSES, DRESSES! (sounds like you are already doing that!)
#2 Pants with a seam,or pintuck or diststressing down the front (elongates the leg). Avoid patch pockets with details on the bum.
#3. Short shorts ( we wear short, shorts...) Seriously 5 or 3 inch inseam shorts.
#4. Heals, they add length to your legs. They don't have to be crazy high. A small wedge does the trick!
#5. Fitted tops (that end at your waist or upper hip),  with straight leg pants.
#6 Monochromatic looks (head to toe one color, even white), this will make you look thinner and taller especially if you wear heels with this outfit.
#7 Avoid over-sized clothing, too much fabric for your small frame!

Hope that helps and THANKS for reading!!

I love reality television too.
So much I could start another blog JUST to talk about it!!
Anyone else sad Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is ending?
What about the new Bachelor season?

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lemondropdreams said...

Those suggestions help. I'm 5'2" and with four kids, nothing seems to be where it used to be. And yes, what will I watch on Thurs. nights now that RHOBH is ending. I think OC is up next, which in my opinion might be the BIGGEST train wreck of them all!

Kate said...

This is great. I'm 5'2" as well and it is soooo hard to fit a "curvy" frame. Thanks! Can't wait to for my hubs to go to bed so I can get my RHOBH reunion on!

I love your blog. Thanks so much.

charlotteannette said...

I am 5"3 and an 8-10 with the same prob! Thanks for addressing our figure type!