30 for 30

There is an adorable blogger out there Kendi Everyday, heard of her?
She does these challanges called 30 for 30...
In a nut shell you pick 30 pieces of clothing and wear them for 30 days remixed!
All the exact details are here.

I haven't done this in the past because....
1. I am chicken
2. I  don't want to commit to 30 pieces ( I love my clothes too much, what if some of them get their feelings hurt)
3. I can't shop for those 30 days (sniff)
4. I don't want to take pictures of myself in the clothes and post them on my blog for 30 days.
          a.it is a lot of work (read: I am lazy)
          b.I don't want to bore you (I am not the modeling type, and don't know how to take
           good pictures of myself wearing clothes ("awkward" as my sweet little neighbor Lily
           used to say).     

BUT I am doing it this time because....
 1. I am curious
 2. It will be good for you to see how versatile your wardrobe really is!!( and I am here to teach you)
 3. I am hoping at that you will try it with me (please? you can post your pictures on the Style Your Life Facebook page!) 
  4. This is my year to step out of my comfort zone, because I think it is good for you to do that once in awhile! 

It starts February 1st. I will post my 30 pieces  in the next day or two.
I will post my look each day here on my blog.
I will also continue with Virtual Outfits, sale information, reviews,  and the rest of the regularly scheduled program as well!

I added boots to the mix last night taking away the Gap City flats ( sniff I am sorry I still love you!)


Lydia said...

Love this idea! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Miss Priss Morgan said...

Good luck! I follow about 6 fashion bloggers who have done this and I really want to try... Maybe I will!

kribss said...

i cant wait to see what you come up with! [i cant do this challenge- i dont think i even have 30 wearable pieces!]

Jennifer said...

Thanks ladies! Morgan you SHOULD do it!!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

Your reasons for not doing it are exactly the same as mine would be. But now you have me tempted to try it...

Jennifer said...

Cindy please do it with me :)

Rory said...

I saw Jean Chatzky do this on the Today show. It was funny b/c she is on tv regularly and no one noticed she was wearing basically the same outfits over and over. She said the hardest for her was the weekends when she basically had to wear the same thing the whole time. I think I pretty much stick to my mom uniform so I don't have to challenge myself to do this, I already do it!!

Jennifer said...

Thank goodness my wardrobe for work and home is so similar I will not have to wear suits 7 days a week!