Happy NYE !!

Enjoy your last day of 2010, come back tomorrow for your first surprise of The New Year!

Cost Per Wear

You guys know I am ALL about looking great for less! The key is how you do it. There are lots of deals out there I pass on, and there a some items in my closet I am willing to pay more for!

Back in college (my degree is in Fashion)we learned a formula (this is the only math I am good at).
This formula is called Cost Per Wear.

You take the cost of the item, divide it by the amount of times it is worn, adding in any maintenance cost (dry cleaning, laundering tailoring)

Dress on clearance $19.99
wore it once (1)
Dry-cleaned  ( $5)

$19.99/1+$5= $24.99 

Cost per wear $24.99 

Designer Jeans $150
Wear it once a week for 6 months (26)
washed every other wear  ($1.20)

$150/26 +$1.20= $6.97

Cost per wear $6.97 

So sometimes those "deals" aren't really deals
Think about this next time you are shopping :)

Wednesday Wish List ( for me )


Pink Polka Dot Straws, DOES it get any sweeter??
An Ice Blue mixer ( must have in my dream kitchen) 
Good Morning mug ( Seen on my new current favorite show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Don't get me started. I could talk about this show all day, but I will not bore you ;)  Unless you want to talk about it too??)
Old Navy Womens Rubber Rain Boots( we are in the rainy season here in San Diego, now which color do I get?)

I Heart these

Really how much cuteness can one person take??
The website Ban-do will be happy to test that for you ;)
I know what I am doing with my next extra $25!

P.S. sign up for their mailing list and get 15% off your first purchase


These shoe clips can be worn on all your shoes!! 
Heart Shoe Clips 
Heart Pins 
Flower Shoe Clips

After Christmas Sales

This is the very best time of the year for deals!
I love shopping after Christmas here are some of my favorite deals today.

The Container Store Annual 30% Elfa Sale ( these systems are dreamy)
Save 30% during Our Annual Elfa Sale!

20% already marked down items at Stella and Dot
$5 little girls bracelets! $23 enamel flower rings!

Velour hoodies $9.99 and less

Their Style! In Honor of Design

Because tomorrow is Christmas Eve ( egad I hope you are all ready),  I am doing Their Style today.
I have been a long time follower of this sweet blogger, Anna.
Anna is a talented accessory designer as well as an amazing graphic artist!
If you don't already follow her blog, check her out at In Honor of Design. 

P.S  The winner of the Book Pig contest is on the Book Pig post

3 Items you can't live without?
and boots!



How would you describe your personal style?
Modern Eclectic with a touch of classic.
I love to layer, mix and match, and accessorize!
I have a lot of fun finding ways to find the look for less too:)

If you had a million dollars?
Hunter Wellies
Elva Fields Necklaces
Anything and everything from Anthropologie
Jcrew Hats, Belts, Socks, etc.

Sweater Jacket
AG Jegging
Cashmere Hat
Cashmere Gloves
Hunter Wellies

Your Must have piece for every woman's home or wardrobe?
Statement Necklace - its wonderful to have a few statement pieces that can change your whole look and make you feel like Audrey Heburn:)

Your favorite guilty pleasure ?
French Fries and Frozen Custard! My current pregnancy craving obsession.

Get Anna's look ...

Gingerbread House Party

Yes I know it is freezing out, in most of the country. It is actually freezing here too ( for us) .
We have had day after day after day of rain.
But now more then ever it is important to add some fun colors to your wardrobe right?
We have out annual Gingerbread house party today.
Lots and Lots of kiddos will be here today eating lots and lots of candy and with that...
Lots and Lots of chaous!! But fun chaous! Wish me luck!
Do you have any fun Holiday tradtions that you'd like to share?
I love hearing other peoples tradtions!


Old Navy Womens Sequined-Pocket Cardigans

Jeans $78
Old Navy Womens Ruffle-Trim Slub-Knit Henleys
Patent Toe Sequined Flats
Earrings $44
Bracelet $14

New Years Eve on a Shoestring

I sit here in my very messy office, trying to get one million things done as usual.
You see, I am very good at timing my projects ( Sarcasm).
We are having our  2nd Annual Gingerbread house party here on Wednesday with lots and LOTS of people.
So what better time to take everything out of my office and paint it??
Why Sunday, right?
So today I am trying to figure out where I want everything,
and what to do with all the STUFF that doesn't make the cut!

Today's Outfit New Years on a Shoestring Budget

The new clip is not available on Fox 5 yet. As soon as it is up I will post it.

Old Navy Womens Printed Ruffle Tank Dresses
Old Navy Womens Black One-Button Blazers$24.99
Payless Lela Rose for Payless Perlita Bow Quarter Strap Sandal$30
Cutie Gold and Rhinestone Bow Necklace$6.50
Sequin Cross Body Bag$10
Basic Opaque Tight$19.90

Order today and get by Christmas at:

oldnavy.com 20% off CODE SAVE20

Stella and Dot
( I have THREE coupons for 20% off one item, email me if you are interested and I will send you the code)

GAPSAVENOW 20% off  Gap.com