Reader Questions

Hi Jennifer,

I have two pairs of wide leg dress pants with a cuffed hem at the bottom. What kind of shoes look best with these?

Thank you,

Dear K,
My recommendation for wide leg cuffed dress pants is "Heels".
 They can be wedges, kitten heeled pumps, or boots. Just so your foot doesn't get lost I think a heel is the best option! Just as long as they are the proper length (see below).

 Hi Jennifer!

I love your blog and check it daily! I am a stay at home mom who really struggles when it comes to putting an entire outfit together.  I just had my second baby and find myself looking like a rag a muffin most of the time.  I am using your advice to buy a few key pieces to get me through the winter. I am hoping to get the baby weight off and don't want to invest too much but I've decided I need to pull myself together a bit.

I have a question, I am 5'1 and at the moment 125 lbs (I still have about 13 pounds to loose). I am wondering if I should skip skinny jeans this season? I know they don't look good on everybody. I was considering buying a pair from the gap (petite). I thought I would wear them with flats or boots. Since I am short would it be smart to stay away from tall boots? If not, do you have any suggestion for tall boots that are on the shorter side? Most boots are made for tall people and hit me in the back of the knee.

If you feel that this is a look I should skip I need some boot /healed shoe suggestions to wear with my boot cut jeans. Any ideas??

Thanks so much!

Dear LR
Thanks SOO much for reading!!! It is hard getting back into the swing of things after having kids! It was even tough for me and I am pretty much obsessed with fashion, so don't be to hard on yourself. It sounds like you are keeping up pretty well.
For your Skinny Jeans" yes, buy petite. I am not of fan of the skinny jeans that scrunch up cause they are too long. You also should stick with the flats, heel, or short booties. The tall boots will be too much with your height your instinct is correct.
If you are wearing boot cut jeans you can wear anything from a sandal to a wedge pump to a bootie.
The only rule is you have to have your pants hemmed for either a flat or a heel so they are the appropriate length for the shoe you are wearing. 
Thanks again for reading

 "Too Short" Hits top of foot ( these pants should be worn with flat shoes)
"Just Right" hits center of foot

Happy Thanksgiving

I am SO THANKFUL for each and every one of you!!
Thank you so much for making Style Your Life part of your day.
Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!!

 ( at our annual Thanksgiving 5K)