Stella And Dot Giveaway Last Day

We are winding up or giveaway week. I am sad cause I love your fun responses!
Winner will be announced Monday

As for the next giveaway...
And I want your help with the daily questions.
So today's giveaway question:
What fun questions should I ask for the next giveaway?

I LOVE the crispness of today's set featuring the last of our Stella and Dot week.
And this Bardot bracelet... Goes with everything. I seriously have to make myself not wear it!
Today only free shipping on Stella and Dot orders over $50!!
Email me if you'd like to order something


White Linen  Pants Gap $59.50
Sandals Target $24.99
Striped Henley Boden  $24
Bardot Bracelet Stella and Dot $49
Necklace Stella and Dot $59

Have a warm safe stylish weekend!!

Day Four Stella and Dot Giveaway

So I am obsessed with this cute yellow jacket. Isn't it adorable.
And wait till you see the price!
I loved all your answers yesterday. And Lynda!! I am so excited someone else out there loves Chelsea.
I have the best memories of that town.

Today's Giveaway question:
Morning or Evening?
My answer Morning.

P.S. You can go back and leave comment on previous days even if you missed that day.
The comments will not close until Sunday May 2nd at 7 PST.
I will announce the winner Monday!
If you have a business and would like to donate our June giveaway email me at

Gap Jeans $90
Jacket Francescsa's $34
Report Peep Toe Ballet Flats $50
Striped T-Shirt  Boden  $28
Jasmine Filigree Necklace Stella and Dot $64

Stella and Dot Giveaway Day Three

Another Mother's Day Set a little more Preppy
Today's Question
So we had some awesome answers for reality shows, one I never even heard of though.
Jesse what is River Monsters? I thought I knew every television program, but I guess not!

Today's question for the Stella and Dot $30 gift certificate:
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

So for me it isn't a real place as far as I know...
I'd live in a big old farmhouse with a huge porch and a little land so we could have a few animals. 
Some chickens? three dogs and maybe a pig? Not sure about the farm animals, but I think the idea is romantic no?
But this farm house would be on the beach and very near a major metropolitan area with lots of shopping.But in a small town, where I could walk everywhere, like the little coffee shop and post office.
And the land wouldn't be so much that I wouldn't have neighbors.
I love neighbors and living in a neighborhood.  Oh and a tree lined street.
The lots needs to have lots of big old trees one with a tree swing.

It sounds a lot like a place I used to live minus the beach... Chelsea Michigan.
If you live in Michigan go to The Common Grill have have some rolls for me!
I miss my little old stomping grounds.

Or if you live in a town like this let me know!!

Stella and Dot Giveaway Day Two

This set is perfect for Mother's Day Brunch and features my favorite Stella and Dot piece!
I am working on two fun projects that I hope to annouce later this week so stay tuned, k?

Today's question...
If you could be on any reality show which one would you be on?
I'd pick Laguna Beach, my favorite.

Mother's Day Gifts and Giveaway!

It is the last week of April already? This month just flew by for me, what about you guys?
I hope it is starting to warm up for you all wherever you live!
Since we are coming upon Mother's Day I thought I'd feature some Mother's Day gifts today.
AND I am doing a giveaway this week instead of next, in honor of the up coming holiday.

So the May giveaway a week early is a $30 Stella and Dot Gift Certificate!
I am crazy for Stella and Dot and think most moms I know would love to receive it for Mother's Day right? Plus have you seen the new little girls line? Oh my... you will love it!!
SO for this weeks contest Mondays comment tell me your favorite piece from the Stella and Dot line.
Mine? Why thank you for asking. Happy Flowers Necklace, oh and the charm necklace is my favorite  for my everyday piece!

Mother's Day
Japanese Tape Dispenser, Happy Tape $29
Stella and Dot Charm Necklace $29 and up
Glass Holder Viva Terra $64
Succulent Wreath Viva Terra $100
Tory Burch Flip Flops $45

Three More Outfits You Can Wear Your Pink Shoes With....

We had sooo much fun on our little field trip to L.A.
I am excited to share it all with you, we are going to have to wait a little longer then originally planned. But I promise it will be worth the wait!

I will also be announcing very exciting and informative adventure that some of you will be able to join me on, so stay tuned for that announcement next week!!
San Diego Tote $25


I am headed up to L.A today.
I have another fun project I will share with you all next week!
Have a great day!!

Pink Studio I Adore You

Have you all heard of the amazingly adorable shoe line Pink Studio??
I have been a fan for quite sometime and I was honored and excited to meet the owner of the company at my recent LA Market trip.
I previewed their Fall Winter line and are we in for a treat! I can't wait till they start arriving in the stores I already have my eye on a few pairs.
But the lets not rush through summer, right. Their summer line is amazing too.
It is a relatively small company. They are known for the way then mix fabrics,GREAT flats, and mid heels. I also love their vintage vibe!
Oh, and the prices.. awesome!
I know I have featured their shoes here before. You can find them at
Shop Ruche, Anthropologie, Endless,  and Piperlime to name a few.
I just adore them and thought I'd share with you all!!
So check them out and let me know which pairs are your favorites?
Pink Studio
Joes Jeans Piperlime $158
White Eyelet Sun Dress Delia's $44.50
Canvas Bag Old Navy $17
Espadrilles Addy Piperlime $70  ( Espadrilles are a classic summer shoe)
Necklace Urban Outfitters  $16.00

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Style is just a click away!

The Store

I am up to my eyeballs in Garage Sale. We are participating in a community wide Garage Sale this Saturday and it has taken over my life, LOL. Going through my "old stuff" has brought back a lot of memories of my store, since I still have quite a bit of product....
Did I ever tell you all about my past?
My children's business? Well some of you knew me then, but for those that didn't, for seven short years, I had a children's business and along with that for a brief time I also had a brick and mortar location.
The "Store" was sooooo much fun but widely stressful!!! It is a lot to bite off, but the good times far out weighed the bad.
I had a blast planning special events, merchandising, going to market, coming up with fun new ideas to promote my little shop. If any of you ever get the urge. Talk to me first! I can live through you. I am very happy that chapter of my life has closed but it is fun to look back too.
I thought I'd share some photos, this is the store. The photos speak much better then I do.
I also designed children's clothing ( sold at this store and many others), we can go there another day!

The Lovely Hourglass

Guess what this body type is more and more rare! You lucky ladies have a rather "sexy" figure.
Be sure your clothing fits well and hugs your curves with out being tight, or baggy.
For this figure tailored is key. Show off your waist, neck and shoulders!

What to wear:
Great Bra (this is important for each body, but especially yours) 
Scoop Necks
Low Waisted Wide Leg Pants
Bottoms with side zippers (cleaner look)
Flat front bottoms
A-Line Skirts knee length
Boots (just below the knee is perfect for you)
Boot cut Jeans
Kimono Sleeves
Wrap Dress
Great Statement Necklaces

What to avoid:
Crew Necks
Tapered Pants
Skinny Jeans
Pleated Pants
High Waist Pants
Tops with a lot of detail ( ruffles)
Perfect Dress for Hourglass!
Shabby Apple  Penelope and Odysseus $110
Women's Dresses from Shabby Apple
Contemporary  Pumps  $125
Statement Necklace Time For Tea $97.99
All at Shabby Apple!!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Amy Kathryn Handbag $115
Boden Jeans $78
Boden is amazing I especially LOVE their girls line!
V-Neck T-shirt Old Navy $15
Vneck Cardigan Boden $68
Gorjana  Tress Stacking Rings $65
Pink Studio Parissa  $101
Free Overnight Shipping on Women's Shoes in sizes 4 to 16 at

The Apple Figure Defined

What is it with the fruit references? I have no idea! But today is about the apple figure.
This happens to be my own body type. So I am pretty experienced at dressing this type.

Apples are larger on the top, larger shoulders, bust, stomach.
When we gain weight it is in our upper bodies. 
With smaller hips, legs and thighs.
So guess what we are going to play up? Our lower bodies

What to wear:
skinny jeans
jeans with embellished pockets
a-line skirts
straight skirts
pencil skirts
bias cut skirts 
v-neck tops
scoop neck tops
long cardigans
tank dresses
sheath dress
a-line dress

What to avoid:
crazy ruffled tops ( a little ruffle amount is fine)
crew necks
bulky sweaters
belts at your waist
50's style dress 
high waist bottoms
Skirts that are tight at waist then flare out
pants that are too tight and create a muffin top
basically anything that adds bulk to your upper body or puts the emphasis on it

Apple #1

Shorts Anthropologie $68
Tunic Tank Anthropologie $58
Wedge Sandals Target $24.99
Cuff Bracelet $64

The Pear Figure Defined

I am going to cover a few basic body types this week.
I am way over simplifying body types.
Every woman's body is different.
BUT for the sake of the blog,
I am going to tell you some basic rules for some common body types
and hopefully you will fall into one of these.

Today we are talking about PEARS.
Most women are pear shaped.
What does this mean?
If you are a pear you have a smaller torso,waist and rib cage with larger hips, upper legs and bum. 
When you gain weight it tends to go to your lower body. 
This is a very easy body type to dress, IF you know what you are doing.

You can wear:
crew neck tops
v-neck tops
scoop neck tops
boat neck tops
cape sleeves
a-line skirts
dresses with fitted tops are MADE for your body type
wide leg pants that are wide from the hip to the foot
pants that are longer and worn with heels
belts at your waist
standard size pockets on jeans
jeans that are distressed a little from the hip to the foot in the front ( helps lengthen the leg)
horizontal striped tops
fitted well tailored blouses
empire waist dresses
A line dresses
50's style dresses ( tight bodice with flared skirt)

You want to play up your slim upper body by wearing fitted tops and lose bottoms.
Wrap tops and shirts, sweaters and jackets with belts at the waist will draw the eye to your slim waist.
If you have that problem with items being to wide at the waist to fit your hips ( A LOT of women do), buy the piece anyway and take it to a tailor.

cargo pants
denim with contrast stitching on the bum an or tiny pockets.
on the seam pockets (they will blunge)
tops, or jackets that end at your widest point
skinny jeans and leggings ( unless worn with a tunic type long top)
over sized boxy tops and sweaters
booties ( unless with pants)
gladiator sandals that go up the ankle

Pear #2

Gap White Linen Pants $59.50
Striped V-Neck T-shirt Banana Republic $29.50
Spiral Bracelet Stella and Dot $49
Cork Wedge Sandals Target $24.99
Leather Belt Banana Republic $59.99

In Honor of Design Winner

Winner is #31 using

#31 is....
Wendy@The Shabby Nest
YEAH congratulations!!
I wish you all had won.
I love reading all your comments!!
Thank you all so much.
Wendy email me at
and I can hook you up!

In Honor Of Design Contest Last Day

In Honor Of Design 5

We are winding up another exciting giveaway week here at SYL. 
You will all have until Sunday at 5:00 PST to enter. I will announce the winner right here on Monday. 
Next week we are going to discuss the three basic body types and talk a little about dressing each one. 
So that should be fun and informative right?
By the way I loved all your music choices I want to check out a few of them, cause I hadn't heard of all of them :)  
 Dress Old Navy $29.50

White Skinny Distressed Jeans $54.50
Handbag Tory Burch $250

Belt Old Navy $16.50
Flats Payless Shoes $22.99
Necklace In Honor of Design Etsy Shop $8.50

Our last fun question this week....
Tell me about your family pet/s?
In the SYL home we have Paco our 12 year old (on April 25th) Chihuahua, and Madeline's cat Sally she is almost 7. 
We got Paco right before we got married and we adore him, although is not amazing with the kids.  
Sally catches lizards almost daily and brings them into the house to play with them. I have become a professional lizard wrangler, catching them and releasing them back into the wild (yard) ( this is not my favorite part of the day :) ) 
We so love our pets they bring a lot of joy and laughter into our home! I actually would love to get two more dogs, a Corgi and a Golden Retriever.  So now tell me about your pets!!

Designer Deals Online

You guys know about all the designer deals you can get online right?
I keep meaning to tell you, and I forget. 
There are three stores I frequent and they get new products everyday.  Kinda like T.J Max online, without the mess ;)
So if you want a Kate Spade Bag, Micheal Kors dress, or Juicy hoody and don't want to pay retail...
Register at these three sights and they will send you an email each morning announcing their designer deals.
P.S. There is no cost to sign -up

In Honor Of Design Day Four

In Honor Of Design Day thurs

Day Four of our In Honor of Design giveaway, and look at this pretty feminine velvet and lace headband. And Anna's prices, really really amazing right?
Today's question: 
If you could only listen to one CD the rest of your life what would it be? 
This question was inspired by an actual experience I had right out of college. I got  Alanis Morissette's, "Jagged Little Pill" stuck in my car, for  a year! And trust me I liked it, but not enough to listen to it that much. 
I had to pick one now it would be Maroon 5. I have a big crush on Adam.

Earth Day At Anthropologie.

Anthropologie is celebrating Earth Day with Potting events.
Click on the link to find your nearest event scheduled.
I will be taking the kiddos to a Children's potting event, so fun!!

In Honor Of Design Day Three!!!

Aren't you all super excited about these darling accessories?
It will be hard for the winner to pick just one!
I know the necklace featured today has been a favorite for a few of you.
In Honor Of Design Day three

Bermuda Denim Shorts American Eagle $29.95
Striped Boat Neck Top J.Crew $36
Red Ballet Flats
Red Handbag Piperlime $85
Beaded Floral Necklace In Honor of Design $9

Today's Question: 
If you were give one staff member to join your family what would you chose?
I'd pick a chef, I don't like cooking much, it is a chore I dread!

In Honor Of Design Giveaway Day Two

Here we are already at day two of our In Honor of Design Giveaway!
I hope you are all loving Anna's store and blog and much as I do.

The question for today....
What is your guilty pleasure T.V show? You know, the one you don't tell people you watch but you secretly love???
Mine, well is it Laguna Beach, the originals with LC and Kristen. I love it, I record the reruns on CW and I bought the full DVD. Yes it is about high school kids, yes I am a 37 year old woman. I don't know what it is about this show, but I am so addicted (please don't tell anyone, k?).
In Honor Of Design #2

Patch Jeans (don't you love these!!)  Gap $89.50
Over sized Sweater  Old Navy $24.50
Lace Trimmed Tank Old Navy $12.50
Floral Bag Piperlime Big Buddha $85
Missoni Jellies  Endless $198
Free Overnight Shipping on Women's Shoes in sizes 4 to 16 at
Headband In Honor Of Design $9

In Honor Of Design Day One!!!

Our Giveaway this week is an accessory designed by Anna of the blog In Honor of Design.
Not only is Anna a talented graphic artist and ADORABLE mother to a very cute little guy... she also happens to design woman's and little ladies accessories!!

And LUCKY you, you have an opportunity to win one! I am so jealous! The winner at the end of the week gets to select ANY accessory from Anna's Etsy shop, and Anna will send it on over to you.

Today's comment, is please go to Anna's In Honor of Design etsy shop and tell me your favorite accessory she designs.

Last but defiantly not least, Happy Happy Birthday to my baby boy he is 7 today!!

In Honor Of Design1

Meeting Place Tank Anthropologie $58
Linen Wide Leg Pants Gap  $60
Wedge Metallic Sandals Piperlime $79
Flower In Honor Of Design  $10
 It is specifically designed for multiple uses to save you time and money on finding different accessories for all your special occasions! Comes with one bloom and 3/4 in. grosgrain ribbon sash(custom fitted).
Can be used as a Hair Clip, Sash, Shoe Clip, Clutch clip, Bridal wear, Shirt Clip, etc, etc.!
The Florette has three gold hued beads hand stitched to the center and attached to an alligator clip for easy use.

P.S. You guys are in luck, we have three more giveaways this month!

Emersonmade= Must Have

One of my FAVORITE accessories is flower pins, right local friends?
Add them to a hoody, denim.jacket, handbag, shoes, hair..... I consider them a "must have".
If you are not a flower girl, find a great brooch for the same affect.
It is a very easy way to add some darling style and pizazz to any outfit!
And I am sure you have all seen the amazing website and blog of Emersonmade, from their amazing photography to their charming farmhouse, to their gorgeous product.
The only trouble with their site is you will want it all!!!
Have a delightful Easter and I will see you all back on Monday for day ONE of our April giveaway.

P.S Are you a Style Your Life follower?  If you haven't already re-followed me please do so, as I changed the blog URL and it seems to be causing some trouble with the feed. And if you aren't a follower, now may be a great time to change that ;).

Teavana- I love you so

I know this is a shopping blog, but when you are shopping don't you get thirsty and want a little way to treat yourself? I don't know about but it is the little things in life sometimes that get me giddy. This  like shop is one of those places.
Have any of you had the pleasure of going to Teavana?  I discovered this shop a few years ago when they opened at my favorite San Diego shopping center. Lets just say I am hooked!
I started with the pretty glass pot and a tin of Pear Luna and I haven't looked back. I try a new kind every time  I go in, and I have yet to be disappointed. They also sell delicious honey and rock sugars.
Plus Tea is SOO good for you full of antioxidants, good for skin, cancer fighting, and can lower cholesterol. 
They also serve it in the shop and oh, guys it is so yummy.
If you haven't been in to one please go, try a cup of hot or glass of iced and see what you are missing out on, deliciousness!  P.S Easter bunny if you are reading this, I'd love some Teavana maybe the perfect tea maker, in my basket. Thanks!

Tea of the Month Club 6 or 12 months  6 months $120
Perfect Tea Maker $17.99
Tea Cups
Tins Washi small $8.95
Lavender Dreams Teas 2oz $15

Excuse me I have to make myself some tea!!
In case you haven't read this yet....
 I changed the blog name to Style Your Life Blog, if you are a follower you may not be getting the feed in your dashboard any longer....  You can re- follow and it should fix this :)