Handbag GIVEAWAY Week, Now and Later

Mandy at A Girl's Must Haves has donated a bag to you SYL blog readers!
And you will have a chance to win your favorite bag!

How do you win?
You can leave 1 comment a day Monday - Friday.
Go check out all her darling bags, let me know which is your favorite.
Monday's comment is telling me your favorite bag.

If you can't wait or don't win Mandy is also offering you all 10% off this week!
Just check out as normal and in the comments let her know you can from Style Your Life and she will give you the 10% back.

P.S Anna, at In Honor of Design, did an interview with me today, check it out at her adorable blog.
Blouse ShopRuche $57
Boots Piperlime $70
Handbag A Girl's Must Haves $40
Earrings Stella and Dot $29
Calling Cards Sarah and Abraham $14

Weekends: Rose Bowl Flea Market

One of my many trips in the coming weeks is to the Rose Bowl Flea Market (March 14th).
I adore Flea Markets and haven't been to this one for over a year!
Well when I saw Eddie Ross was coming out for this one.
I figured it was a perfect time to go again, with such amazing company.

Now I am so excited,of course I had to plan my outfit ;)
Flea Market attire is all about layering and comfort.
You get there in the early morning it is chilly, then by lunch it is crazy hot.
And really I love my flip flops and they are like sneakers to me. I can walk in them all day.
Another key part of Flea Markets is lugging around your treasures, discarded clothing, water and camera. That is why you need your little cart.
And last but not least don't forget a hat!
Can't wait to share our day with you.
Flea Market
Boyfriend Jeans American Eagle $49.50
Tank Old Navy $5
Peasant Top Forever 21 $22.90
Sweatshirt Forever 21 $18.90
Flips Havaianas ( the best) $24.50
Flea Market Liner Junk Revolution $28
Aviators Anthropologie $28
Free Shipping in March if you belong to ANTHRO !!
Hat San Diego Hat Company $42

Girly Grunge Set

grunge prep
I love mixing styles, I think it makes for a fun stylish set that is unexpected.
I love this set cause it is grunge boyfriend jeans, sweatshirt and plaid (but pink so girly)
Then you have the feminine sparkle shoes and pretty pink earrings.

Boyfriend Jeans American Eagle $40
Plaid Shirt Delias $30
Sweatshirt Forever 21 $18.90
Sequin Flats Payless Shoes $30
Kate Spade Gumdrop Studs$38
Grosgrain Watch A. Tierney $38

New Exciting Features coming and "What I wear"

Guess what? I am working on some really cool features for you!!
As you know I am considering doing an occasional short SYL video segment.
And it appears me teaching you styling tips is winning.
I am also planning doing some other features, discussing aspects of personal style that are as important as fashion!
Oh and next week we have a handbag giveaway.
So stay tuned for some exciting things happening at Style Your Life.

Today I put together a set called "What I Wear"
This outfit below I either own the pieces or own very similar pieces.
This is what I wear on a typical working day.
Anyone reading this who knows me, has seen me in this outfit.
I love this set because it is stylish yet a little more professional, the jacket dresses up jeans.
And the shoes add color and a little playfulness.
Obviously I am self employed, in a more creative industry so I have flexibility.
But this could be a great casual Friday set for some of you.
What I Wear

My All time favorite Jeans Joes Aniston Provacateur Anthropologie $178
(FYI These are a petite jean,no hemming :) )
Blazer Anthropologie sale $79.95
This jacket it perfect for petite ones as well. It hits right at/above the waist and is more fitted not boxy at all. A very feminine silhouette.
Simple Black Clutch Kate Spade $129
Perfect small bag for day or night never goes out of style.
Flats Target $24.99
Super cute and comfy too!
Sadie Chiffon Ruffle Blouse Forever 21 $23
Necklace from Stella and Dot $49
I love this simple necklace!

Rainy Day

Rainy Day

I just realized yesterday that I will get to go to Blog Out Loud!
Super excited, I have never been to any of the blogging conferences, events, etc.
Next week I will be in San Francisco for a Design Conference and Blog Out Loud happens to be going on while I am there. Happy Coincidence :)
So any of you going to be there? Or have to been in the past?
Maybe I will start my video segments shopping in San Francisco... hmm.

I love this set because you'll be walking down the street like a little ray of sunshine, on a gray gloomy day :)

Pants Anthropologie $88
I tried this pants on and loved them!
Striped Trench Target $40
Perfect Tee ( long sleeve version available too) modbod $19.95
Travel Umbrella Lands End $24.50
Rain Boots Target $24.99
Moccasins Endless $43
Envelope Necklace ASOS $12
Earrings Downeast Basics $4.99

Classic All American

Thanks to everyone that has taken the survey!! I am so touched so many of you are taking the time.
I appreciate the feedback.

So today's post is inspired by one of my favorite looks, classic and All American.
A White T-Shirt and jeans.
And look who is pulling off the look with style one of my very favorites, Jennifer Aniston.

This look is great all year. Summer evenings and winter days.
If you are in a colder climate wear a long sleeve t-shirt a pretty scarf.

Jeans Victoria's Secret $59.50
White T-Shirt Pink Mascara $60
Belt Gap $29.50
Ballet Flats Target $13.98
Jacket American Eagle $60
Necklace Urban Outfitters $18
Aviators Anthropologie $28
Watch ASOS $40

Style Your Life Survey

Hey guys I have been thinking about adding a new feature to the SYL blog...
Would you mind taking a super quick survey?
It can be anonymous or you can leave your name, I just want some honest answers :)

Click here to take survey


This isn't my fashion post for the day scroll down for the High/ Low column.

High/Low Vintage Lace Look

I have wanted to do this feature for awhile, and now I am finally getting around to it.
High Low, it is kinda like Now and Later.
It features outfits from two different price points.
High will be featuring some designer pieces.
Low features more affordable pieces for those items you don't want to pay big bucks for.
In my own wardrobe I tend to mix high and low. I can't afford everything designer, and I don't even see the need unless it is an investment piece. When it is a trend I tend to look for the lower price point. But for something I use everyday, my handbag, jewelry, shoes and my beloved Joe's jeans.
And sometimes a girls gotta splurge right? ;)
So you decide from this new feature what are you going to buy high and what will you buy low?

I love this vintage lace with distressed denim look. It is again a mixture of masculine (distressed denim) and feminine (ivory lace).

Lace High
Beyond Vintage Lace Dolman Piperlime $180
Joe's Jeans Piperlime $158
BCBG Uba Sandals Piperlime $89
Furla Handbag Piperlime$575
Gorjana McCoy Necklace Piperlime $150



I don't know how you feel about Camo, but I love it, in small doses of course!
During Fashion Week they were still showing lots of leggings.
So it appear this trend will be around for awhile.

What I love to do with Camo is girl it up. If you wear Camouflage you should not look like you are active duty.
Wear it with a feminine top like the one I have here. Or pair it with pink or lace! Never do the head to toe camo either (I don't even need to say that do I?).

Again if you are in a cold climate add a long boyfriend cardigan to this set for an extra layer.

Leggings American Eagle $19.50
Dress Martin Osa $44.95
Boots Piperlime $119.99
Earrings Target $29.99
Bag Target $24.99
Gold Cuff Bracelet Forever 21 $5.80

Now and Later

Hope you all had a wonderful President's Day Weekend!
We had a nice warm weekend. We have been getting a lot of rain this winter, so it
was nice to get out and enjoy that nice California Sunshine.
I think we are all finally over the flu.
My daughter came down with it at Girl Scout camp, her poor leader. Boy do I owe her (right Vickie?).
For Valentine's Day we went for a long walk on the boardwalk as a family, and of course collected some shells for our ever growing seashell collection.
Brian and I went to on a very casual dinner, bookstore, movie date. Don't you love bookstore dates? I adore them.
We saw Valentine's Day. The movie was okay, however Jennifer Garner's wardrobe was precious. I definitely got some cute outfit ideas for the blog :)
So what about you? What did you do for the long weekend?

About this edition of Now and Later.
I own this dress is it darling belted with leggings and for $15 really you can't go wrong!


Dress Old Navy $15
Boyfriend Cardigan Nordstrom $78
Leggings Old Navy $15
Boots Piperlime $85
Scarf Forever 21 $6.50
Belt Target $11.89

Fancy Valentine

Fancy Valentine
Thanks for the emails and comment yesterday. I am doing much better today.
Just a little weak :)
So for those of you that have fancy plans this Sunday here is a little inspiration!
This dress is perfect for those of you that are smaller on top (pear shaped).
Hope you all have a Stylish Valentines Day!

Dress J.Crew $229
Flower Clutch J.Crew $169
Shoes Piperlime $49
Earrings Shop Ruche $13


Out with stomach flu.
See you tomorrow.

Brown and Black

Brown and Black
I get this question a lot from my clients.
You mean I can wear brown boots/shoes with black?
Yes, go crazy you can, and you'll look great doing it!
You don't have to "match" your shoes and handbag either, gasp!

Pointe Pants Gap $50
Cargo Jacket Old Navy $40
Ruffle Front T-shirt J.Crew $30
Bangle Bracelet $17
Boots Piperlime $69.99
Handbag Piperlime $50
Earrings Stella and Dot $29

Megan's Outfits

Darling Megan who works with Autistic kids recently bought four outfits from me.
Now I get to show her and you how versatile they are. How she can mix and match all the pieces.
The first set features boot cut jeans.
If you are wearing boot cut jeans be sure your boots are under the jeans.
Only wear boots over skinny jeans.

Megan #1
Lavender V-Neck Sweater Old Navy $25
Yellow Tank Aeropostale $15
Jeans Nordstrom $54
Yellow Belt Lands End $15
Silver ballet flats Target $13
Butterfly Earrings Juicy Couture $42
Layered Necklace Forever 21 $4.80
Handbag Target $10

meghan #1C
Megan 1d

Megan 1B

See you next week for the rest of Megan's sets.
Have a Stylish Weekend!

Now and Later

I decided to start a new blog category called "Now and Later" ....
It will feature a key piece that you can literally wear "Now".
And in another season "Later".
Let me know what you think!

Now #1

Dress (inspired by the cute Rory) Old Navy $30
Cardigan Old Navy $27
Tights Hue $13
Boots Piperlime $85
Handbag A Girl's Must Haves $40
Earrings Stella and Dot $53
Necklace Stella and Dot $59
Later #1

Perfect for a summer date night possibly in Mexico, ahh sounds fun :)!
Dress Old Navy (see above) $30
Sandals American Eagle $49.50
Turq Earrings Stella and Dot $79
Clutch Gussy $24

Versatile Dresses


This dress can be worn now with leggings and boots and this summer with sandals.
To warm up this set at a t shirt ( under) and scarf and/or a long boyfriend cardigan.
Actually almost any shirt dress can be worn this way, so look through that closet and see if you have a dress you wear now.

Dress Delias $45
Leggings Old Navy $15
Madden Girl Boots endless $54.90
Hobo Bag Target$30
Earrings Stella and Dot $49
Rings Stella and Dot $49
Sugar (the best lip balm) Sephora $23

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans are NOT flattering on everybody type.
If you have small legs, and hips. Go to town wear them everyday!
If you don't and you still love them?
I'd suggest wearing longer tops that cover your hips and upper thighs.
If you aren't sure then I'd say pass. You don't have to adopt every trend.
Our hire me, I'll tell you what works ;)

Being stylish has little to do with wearing the latest trend, and a LOT to do with
dressing in clothing that looks amazing on you!

Long Sweater (Wear belt over sweater at hip level) Old Navy $26.50
Skinny Distressed Jeans American Eagle $49.50
Skinny studded Belt J.Crew $35
Heels Delias $70
Handbag Target $25
Earrings Forever 21 $3.80
Essie Nail polish $8